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Whether your desire to visit this vast continent stems from a life-long dream of going on Safari or a longing to get lost in colorful streets of one of Morocco's markets, Africa is sure to live up to your expectations and then some. With more than 11 million square miles and countless incredible countries, we advise you take a moment to delve into the details as you begin planning your Africa trip. While you may not be able to see it all on a single trip, we hope our Africa resources will help you narrow down your must-sees for this time around. And as for everything else... who says you can’t come back?

What to Wear on Safari

Whatever kind of trip you are going on, the clothing you bring with you should be multipurpose, comfortable, durable, “easy care”, and appropriate for the settings you’ll be in. Your clothing should be constructed in such a way that they serve well in a variety of settings, from adventure to a night on the town in a variety of weather conditions. It should be able to withstand the stresses of the road, easy to hand wash when needed between activities, and both styled in a way that fits your tastes as well as the local culture.

Botswana People, Culture & Tradtions

The people groups of the continent of Africa are as honorable and beautiful as they are diverse and ancient! Botswana is a country with both a wide variety of these groups, as well as one that retains some of the most iconic and compelling environments found in this region of Southern Africa.Cultural heritage is both a complex and invaluable part of Botswana, we dive into Botswana’s unique and fascinating people and culture.

Serengeti National Park - Tanzania

Located in the far north corner of Tanzania, Serengeti is one of the world’s most iconic national parks. The name conjures up images of expansive grasslands covered with herds of grazing herbivores and cunning predators. It is also one of the world’s most influential conservation areas.

Things to Do in Kenya

The country of Kenya is home to some of the most iconic nature and cultural experiences in all of Africa. While the Masai Mara’s wildlife and striking tribal people top the list, there are many other places and stories that make Kenya one of the best bets for travelers who want that authentic experience that East Africa offers. Things to do in Kenya are in abundant supply, so let’s dive into some of the best!

Amboseli National Park - Kenya

In the far south of Kenya lies an expanse of wilderness rich in cultural diversity beyond our imaginations, waiting to be explored: Amboseli National Park. At the foot of Kilimanjaro’s snowy peaks, covered with wildlife filled grasslands and surrounded by traditional culture, Amboseli National Park’s views and stories are a treasure of Kenya!

Best Time to Visit South Africa

Planning an African safari involves many factors but an important one to take into consideration is what time of year to visit. Weather, wildlife patterns and budget and more are all elements that will help the best time to book your safari for.

Things to Do in Cape Town

While southern Africa is often associated with safari-related trips, South Africa’s Cape Town provides a spectacular urban element to round out any safari tour. From striking architecture and unmatched wines to spectacular day hikes and drives, Cape Town has no shortage of activities to offer every kind of traveler.?

Patagonia Packing List

The top restaurants in Cape Town boast some of the classiest fare South Africa has to offer, so get ready to dig in. Restaurants in Cape Town are much more based on fine, imported cuisines from elsewhere than on the historic foodways of South African tribal nations. The cuisines of Europe and Asia are much more prevalent, as well as a handful of others that have found a home here.

Moroccan People and Culture

The cultural diversity of the nation of Morocco is a thing of awe and wonder. Moroccan heritage is an amalgamation of the many cultures that have influenced this land over the centuries.

Moroccan Heritage

With a much different feel from sub-saharan Africa, Morocco doesn’t have the savanna safaris and humid lowlands of other regions on the continent. A melded culture that unites North Africa with Southern Europe across centuries.

What to Wear in Morocco

The clothing of Morocco is a part of its culture, and is on the minds of locals and travelers, both as Moroccans carry on their wearable traditions, and as travelers choose wisely how to dress on their trip. What to wear in Morocco is an important part of planning a trip to visit it - let’s explore this county’s lovely wardrobe, both local and what to bring with you!
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