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Mexico Tours - Epic Adventures In Soulful Living

Time moves slower in Baja. It feels as if the magnificent Spanish churches have stood as they are since they were built. The stark, yet epic views haven't changed for thousands and thousands of years. Travelers can sink into the land and sea, and feel disconnected from worry or stress. Our trips here offer a true connection with coastal landscapes and wildlife. Wake up in your well-furnished beach camping tent, and spend the day kayaking through coastal mangrove forests, whale watching, studying sea turtles, and discovering how the whole ecosystem functions day after day, century after century.

Sample Tours to Mexico

**All of our tours can be customized to match your specific travel priorities and dates.

Glamping the Seas & Sierras of Baja California Sur (8 days)

Experience the natural wonders of the Baja California peninsula. Explore breathtaking Todos Santos and the Espíritu Santo island in what Jacques Cousteau named the world’s aquarium and observe gentle whale sharks up close. Visit the wonderful places

Gray Whale & Sea Turtle Adventure: Beach Camping On Magdalena Bay (4 days)

Camp on secluded Magdalena Bay, enjoying daily excursions to learn about the region's wildlife.
Beaches Family Hiking Off the Beaten Path Wildlife Active

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Highlights of Mexico

Conservation Education

Conservation Education

Travel in Baja California Sur can be more than a vacation. You can actively be a vehicle for change, participating in programs that go beyond sustainability, to actively regenerate habitats, communities, and traditions. By traveling here, you're funding non-profits, small businesses, and rural communities throughout northwestern Mexico. Along the way, you're amassing knowledge of all these things, and returning home with a better appreciation for natural conservation efforts, and Mexican culture.

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Family Adventures

Family Adventures

North Americans enjoy the benefits of having Baja California just a few hours away. While traveling internationally with the family can get complicated, hopping down to Baja is a completely different, simpler story. There may not be a better experience for you and your family than a beach camping adventure, where meals are provided, and education is one of the main goals. Kayak through mangroves, hike up beautiful desert dunes, and introduce your children to a new way of thinking! Plus check out some of the many ancient Mayan pyramids that Mexico has to offer.

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Self Drive Road Trips

Self Drive Road Trips

You might be familiar and comfortable enough with Baja California to set out on your own, and enjoy a classic road trip. Global Basecamps can help you there too. We can arrange hotels at all your stops, beach camp outs, guided tours, and car rentals. We can customize the whole trip to your specifications!

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Some Tips for Your Mexico Tour

Mexico is a land of diversity. From the rugged mountains of Baja’s Sierras to the crystal clear waters off it’s Caribbean-side beaches to the lush jungles and arid deserts found in Mexico’s inland regions. It is a country rich in history dating all the way back to ancient civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs, of which you can see evidence of in the many pyramids and ruins strewn throughout Mexico. Whether you’re a history buff, adrenaline junkie or looking for a little R&R this country has something to offer every traveler.

When to Visit

The climate in Mexico largely varies depending upon altitude. It's coastal areas and lowlands are hot and steamy with high humidity. Conversely, Mexico's central plateau is temperate even in winter. Th climate of the inland highlands is mostly mild, but sharp changes do occur between day and night. The best time to visit Mexico is during its dry seasons around December to April. The temperatures will be milder in all regions during this time and there will be less chance of rain that could potentially alter your daily plans.

Where to Go

Baja California Sur

Framed by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Gulf of California to the east, Baja Califronia Sur takes up the lower half of the Baja California Peninsula. While it is often associated with the resort town of Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur actually has so much more to offer beyond this. For example, for the particularly adventurous, travelers have the once in a lifetime chance to swim with whale sharks off the coast of the stunning Isla Espiritu Santo. For those who prefer a land-based excursion, the Sierra La Laguna Biosphere Reserve offers plenty of hiking and wildlife viewing. For travelers looking to incorporate more culture into their tour, Todos Santos is without a doubt a necessary stop. In addition to unmatched surf breaks and an uncanny number of sea turtles, the town of Todos Santos is filled with artists, chefs, musicians, fishermen, photographers, sculptures, farmers, yogis and more!


One of Mexico’s southernmost states, Chiapas borders Guatemala and is known for its lush rainforests and mountainous highlands. One of its highlights is the immense archeological site of Palenque. Once a hub of the great Mayan empire, Palenque spans an estimated 25 square mils and contains over 1,000 Documented buildings. Beyond Palenque, Chiapas also offers travelers various unmatched natural wonders, including Sumidero Canyon national park and the Misol Ha Waterfall.


Located in Western Mexico with borders on the Paficic Ocean, Jalisco is often considered one of Mexico’s most important states. It is from here, afterall, from which tequila and mariachi originated. It’s capital city of Guadalajara, also Mexico’s second largest city, is rich in history and tradition. Explore an art gallery, admire the colonial architecture, take a tequila tour. There’s no shortage of activities to keep you entertained in this charming town. If you’re looking to get a bit more off the beaten path, take a two-day excursion out to the town of Tequila, deemed one of Mexico’s “Pueblo Magicos”. The blue agave plant, that is famed for creating the spirit that shares a name with the town, is native to this area. You’ll get the chance to explore old ranches and distilleries as well as get a glimpse of the endless fields of agave plants.

Mexico City

Home to Mexico’s Capital city and a plethora of archaeological sites dating back to the Aztecs, this state of Mexico truly encompasses the history and essence of this country. Mexico City, the city, is a historical mecca where charming colonial buildings sit among a backdrop of lush mountains. It is one of the world’s largest cities and features an enormous selection of restaurants, cafes, clubs, bars, antique markets, museums, universities, and parks. Mexico City is an emulation of old meeting new with centuries old buildings standing next to ultra modern ones. It is truly a dynamic city with something to offer almost every traveler.

What to Eat

Mexico is world renowned for their cuisine! Their abundance of regional dishes including fresh eats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, cheeses, wine and liquors, makes it an epicurean paradise. Regional specialties and local flavors add to the ever expanding array of culinary creation found throughout the country.

What to Bring

Regardless of the season, it is always recommended that you pack a few layers. While Mexico is not known for getting too cold, it is advisable to be prepared for potentially chilly winds at nights. Additionally, long sleeve layers can be beneficial for protecting your skin from the scorching sun in the summer. It is worth noting that due to its proximity to the equator, the sun in Mexico is particularly powerful and proper coverage and protection from it should not be taken lightly.

Other Tips for Your Mexico Tour

Entry and Exit Requirements

Visitors to Mexico must have a passport that is valid at the time of entry. A tourist visa is not necessary for trips less than 180 days.

Transportation Tips

Once you’ve arrived in Mexico, you will primarily be traveling with a driver and/or guide which is provided with our trips. However, if on some of your free days you choose to explore on your own, it may be worth renting a car so you can move at your own pace.

You can also easily get around via taxis, though it is important to try and arrange taxis at your hotel front desk, in order to assure that they are official taxis. There are also apps such as Uber or Cabify transportation services in several Mexican cities.

Shopping in Mexico

Craft markets, galleries, and museum shops offer an array of options for shopping ( head to the markets if you have a particularly good knack for bargaining). Speciality galleries and other places that may be difficult to locate can possibly be tracked down by our Journey Mexico experts on the ground.
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