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Guatemala Tours and Mayan Culture In Tropical Paradise

For being so accessible to Americans, and for all the perfect natural treasures it offers, and for all the fascinating history to discover here, Guatemala is still under-appreciated. Guatemala is a compact, easily explored, wonderful country that is often overshadowed by its more popular cousins, Mexico's Yucatan peninsula, Belize, and Costa Rica. You won't find many fully developed all-inclusive resorts on our Guatemala tours. Instead, you'll find charming eco-lodges staffed by friendly locals of Mayan and Spanish ancestry. Speaking of the Maya, the emblematic culture can still be found in the ancient temples left behind by this civilization, and in the day-to-day life of modern Guatemalans. Many aspects of life here have remained constant for hundreds of years, accepting Spanish colonial quirks along the way, but remaining true to the memory of Maya.

Sample Tours to Guatemala

**All of our tours can be customized to match your specific travel priorities and dates.

Colorful Guatemala (9 days)

These adventures will showcase the best of the country and offer a unique cultural perspective of this beautiful country!
Culinary Cultural Classic Highlights

Authentic Guatemala & Belize Explorer (13 days)

Discover the soaring mountains, dense jungle, and Mayan history of Central America.
Classic Highlights Culinary Cultural Family Active

Guatemala Explorer: The Youthful Traveler (10 days)

Active adventure through Guatemala and Honduras.
Archaeological Ruins Classic Highlights Cultural Hiking Wildlife Active

Guatemala's Must See Highlights (8 days)

The treasures that you simply cannot miss in Guatemala! Experience the colonial culture, indulge your senses with coffee tasting, explore the fascinating Mayan sites, and venture out into the stunning landscapes.
Archaeological Ruins Classic Highlights Culinary Cultural Wildlife Active

Enchanting Guatemala Honeymoon (10 days)

The perfect itinerary for a blissful, luxury trip to Guatemala and Belize.
Beaches Classic Highlights Culinary Cultural Honeymoon Luxury Temples Wildlife Archaeological Ruins

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Highlights of Guatemala

Mayan Heritage

Mayan Heritage

Flying over the green sea of Guatemalan jungle, you might see the tip of a pyramid poking above the treetops. Explore the area by foot, and you will likely walk across ancient stone walkways, over walls, and through courtyards covered in vines. Sites like these, such as famous Tikal, dot the landscape, calling back to a time when these vast jungles were home to a dominant Mayan civilization. Though the buildings may have been forgotten for a time, the culture lived on. Today, modern locals are of Mayan descent, and carry their ancestors' history in their hearts.

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Adventure in Beautiful Nature

Adventure in Beautiful Nature

As tourism to Guatemala has grown, the country has taken notes from other burgeoning tourist destinations. Guatemala has not wasted time in taking advantage of its natural treasures, and made exploring them an adventure wherever possible. Zip lines, white water rafting, jungle yoga retreats, stand up paddle boarding, sky diving, scuba diving, and the list goes on and on. Dense jungles, towering volcanoes, they're all playgrounds now for adventure-seekers.

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Colonial Towns & Colorful Culture

Colonial Towns & Colorful Culture

The grand cathedral that dominates Guatemala City's central plaza, and the cobblestone streets that criss-cross towns across the country, are just a couple leftovers from Spanish colonial rule. The architecture, combined with a brightly colorful slant to the Guatemalan artistic preference, creates some absolutely stunning photo opportunities. These towns and cities serve as rest stops between adventures into the wilderness. They mostly feature just enough bars, hotels and restaurants to feel comfortable, but not enough to destroy the charm of Guatemala.

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A Few Words About Guatemala Tours

Guatemala has been described as one of the most beautiful countries in the Western Hemisphere, but also one of the most misunderstood. Its tempestuous past can often make travelers wary of visiting. However, Guatemala is now a safe and inviting country, one we recommend for any traveler looking for an authentic look at Central America.

It is an incredible place to visit if you want to immerse yourself in ancient Mayan Culture and get a glimpse of extraordinary wildlife and embark on a variety of outdoor excursions.

When to Go

There are a couple of primary factors to consider when determining when to book your Guatemala tour. Guatemala’s dry season runs from December to March, making it an ideal escape from the cold if you reside in the Northern Hemisphere, though you’ll likely encounter larger crowds.

However, while the rainy season ( May to October) may be less busy, heavy rain can make certain regions inaccessible. So if you’re set on visiting some of Peten’s famous Mayan ruins, we’d recommend sticking with the dry season.

Where to Visit

Guatemala City

Deemed the gateway into the country, Guatemala city is the most modern and cosmopolitan in Central America. Vibrant and faced paced, this colorful city ( deemed Gaute by locals), is a magnificent blend between the old and the new with a Latin charm. Guatemala city is the natural hub of the country and home to the best archeology museums, galleries, restaurants and all things urban culture. Familiarize yourself with this city of 3 million by taking a walking tour of downtown historic center.


Antigua is among the world’s best preserved colonial cities in the Americas. It is a magical and captivating small town that makes you feel as if you’ve been transported back 300 years ago. From its Spanish colonial architecture to its stunning natural surrounds, strolling through the town’s cobblestone streets will allow you to experience what life might have felt like back then. Antigua offers small town charm with a variety of art galleries, coffee shops, little bars, terraces to fill a few night stay.

Lake Atitlan

With three stunning volcanoes rising out of its shimmering emerald surface, Lake Atitlan is an excellent way to be introduced to the indigenous culture in the highlands of Guatemala. Located less than 100 miles from Guatemala City, this lake is characterized by its distinct green tint and the stunning surrounding views. The famous 20th century writer Aldous Huxley even considered it “the most beautiful lake in the world.”


Located in the northeast corner of Guatemala, Peten is Guatemala’s largest department though only contains 3 percent of the country’s population. It is known for producing wood, chewing gum, oil pepper and other agricultural products. However, Peten’s claim to fame is the large number of Mayan ruins found there, many of which have yet to be explored thoroughly by archeologists.

What to Do

Coffee Tours

Guatemala is known for growing some of the best coffee in the world. Delve into the history and production of this famous drink during a tour of a Guatemalan coffee farm. You’ll learn everything about the world’s third supplier of coffee beans straight from the locals.

Boat on Lake Atitlan

Experience the emerald water up close and personal on a private boat tour. You’ll get the opportunity to visit San Juan la Laguna and Santiago Atitlan, two very special towns situated around the Lake.

Glamping/Volcano Trekking

For more active and adventurous travelers, explore Guatemala’s beauty up close through a unique Glamping Trek through the country. You’ll pass through breathtaking scenery, indigenous markets, churches and volcanoes as you hike between luxury camps.

Explore Peten's Arcehological Ruins

From a Sunset at Yaxha, an ancient Mayan ceremonial center to a days worth of exploration at Tikal National Park, you’ll get the chance to truly immerse yourself in this ancient culture. Pyramids and temples abound along with sightings of jungle wildlife like monkeys, parrots, macaws and toucans.

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