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Authentic Zimbabwe Safari with Epic Landscapes and Wildlife

Endless wildlife covers this African landscape from border to border, and the variety of landscapes from park to park ensure an equally diverse set of game, big and small. The landscapes also allow for a variety of experiences, from kayaking on rivers, to following a quiet elephant on a bush walk, to soaring through the skies in small aircraft. Adventure and luxury camps combine with some of the best wildlife guides on the continent, to create an unforgettable Zimbabwe safari experience.

Sample Tours

**All of our tours can be customized to match your specific travel priorities and dates.

Victoria Falls & Zimbabwe Explorer (10 days)

Observe the fascinating wildlife in their natural habitat, embrace the thrill of up close encounters, learn about the unique local culture and bask in the luxuries of your memorable safari lodges.
Off the Beaten Path Safari Wildlife Adventure

Ultimate Zimbabwe (12 days)

This safari experience covers all the best of what Zimbabwe has to offer.
Active Off the Beaten Path Safari Wildlife Adventure

Wild Zimbabwe (9 days)

Your journey begins at the Matobo National Park, known incredible balancing rock formations, followed by an iconic wildlife safari within the wonders of Hwange National Park.
Off the Beaten Path Safari Wildlife Adventure

Luxury Zimbabwe Wildlife Safari (12 days)

Luxury camps and lodges scatter throughout Zimbabwe's most popular destinations, ensuring a private, high end experience all the way from Victoria Falls, to Hwange National Park.
Adventure Community Family Luxury Safari Wildlife Active

Adventure In & Over Zimbabwe (13 days)

Explore Zimbabwe's hidden treasures and most popular national parks on this exclusive, fly-in safari adventure. A variety of activities and unique experiences will add up to an unforgettable adventure.
Adventure Community Cultural Cycling Family Hiking Honeymoon Luxury Off the Beaten Path Safari Wildlife Active

Zimbabwe Conservation & Cultural Group Safari 2019 (10 days)

On this 2019 special group getaway safari to Zimbabwe, you will be invited to work behind the scenes on local conservation projects and enjoy cultural experiences.
Community Safari Shared Departure Wildlife Adventure

Zimbabwe Conservation & Cultural Group Safari 2020 (10 days)

On this 2020 special group getaway safari to Zimbabwe, you will be invited to work behind the scenes on local conservation projects and enjoy cultural experiences.
Community Safari Shared Departure Wildlife Adventure

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Highlights of Zimbabwe

Dense Wildlife

Dense Wildlife

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of conservationists in Zimbabwe's national parks, the country's wildlife thrives in huge numbers despite natural droughts. Hwange National Park is home to over 100 mammal species, and is particularly known for its giant elephant population. The lack of water ensures that animals can be viewed congregating in impressive numbers around watering holes and small rivers, ensuring exciting wildlife encounters.

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Up Close & Personal

Up Close & Personal

The diversity of Zimbabwe's landscapes encourages a diversity of activities. Known for its excellent, experienced guides, walking safaris are quite common here, as well as biking, kayaking and even the Elephant Express Train. While 4x4 vehicle adventures are still the safari norm, your guide will want to get on foot as quickly as possible, creating face to face moments between you and Africa's wildlife.

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Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe is, of course, known for being home to one of Africa's natural wonders. Victoria Falls thunders water all year, and is a spectacle for travelers from all over the world. Walk up to, fly over, and paddle around the Falls either before or after your wildlife safari.

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Photos from Our Travelers

Some Useful Information for Zimbabwe Safaris

Nestled in the middle of southern Africa, biodiverse and beckoning adventure, is Zimbabwe. Moving beyond past hardships into a promising future, Zimbabwe offers wildlife and landscape experiences to match any on the continent, standing strong with arms open wide to the traveler. With new energy and vision in its safari industry and quieter parks and reserves that see fewer crowds, the remoteness of many tourism areas in Zimbabwe make for trademark Global Basecamps adventures. Read on to discover the treasures of Zimbabwe!

Sharing borders with Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique and South Africa, Zimbabwe is a nexus of classic southern Africa with world famous highlights. Located west of southern Malawi across Mozambique and its Indian Ocean channel from Madagascar, the safari scene in Zimbabwe is one of unique destinations (rivaling places like Botswana with its Chobe River and Okavango Delta) as opposed to the established circuits of some other countries in southern and east Africa. Readiness for adventure and imagination is a must! The wide range of bush camps scattered across this ecologically diverse country - many of them remote and outfitted for a luxury destination experience - allow access to its forests, scrublands and savannas and resident wildlife. Home to expansive protected areas that host bountiful and diverse animal communities, Zimbabwe’s natural environments offer tours well appointed to be a top life experience. For adrenaline junkies, the whitewater rafting and bungee jumping on the Zambezi River is available; for those seeking tranquility, look forward to cocktails from the vista of your lodge deck, or watching browsing wildlife go by from your seat on a specially designed safari train car.

Gathering around seasonal waterholes, naturally full April to December and some pumped in the dry season, are the creatures that make Africa’s wilderness famous. These havens of life serve as oases for the Big Five, where rhino (both the white and the critically endangered black), herds of Cape buffalo and elephant mingle together with lion and leopard. These mainstays of safari wildlife share the landscape with the less familiar wild or “painted” dog, and sable, gemsbok and endangered roan antelope, along with scores of other species. Wildlife advocacy and protection are of great importance in Zimbabwe, with parks and anti-poaching measures being carefully monitored in the name of conservation.

Fulfilling your life’s dreams of viewing wildlife in their native habitats will become a reality during conventional, daytime jeep-based safari drives, but be prepared to expand your mind with truly unique alternatives. A night drive, a walking and mountain bike safari, and wildlife viewing from hidden game blinds are some of the spectacular options that Zimbabwe safaris have to offer. Unique even beyond these is the most relaxing and decadent wildlife viewing experience venues around: the Impofu Siding railway in Hwange National Park. The largest park in Zimbabwe, packed with herds of herbivores and cunning predators, is home to the Imvelo Lodge, one of the top lodges in the country and builder of the railway. Crossing the outstanding birding grounds of Hwange’s Ngamo Plains, the rail line connects the park to majestic Victoria Falls as it traverses beautiful natural scenery and a gorgeous arching bridge span. For bird life, Hwange’s Mandavu Dam is a prime spot and should be at the top of the birder’s Zimbabwe safari checklist!

Reaching the more remote safari camps is often best done through one of Africa’s most exhilarating means of travel: small bush plane. Zimbabwe’s luxury camps, such as those found on the shores of Matusadona National Park’s Lake Kariba, offer prime food, drink and amenities along a lakeshore of stunning scenic beauty. Fishing, boating and other recreational opportunities, in concert with more top quality animal encounters, are standard. Here, and at the Mana Pools National Park just another short flight away, exist the finest of birdwatching opportunities. Mana Pools retains UNESCO World Heritage status, with wetlands and floodplains composed of four large seasonal pools that nourish seemingly endless numbers of birds and mammals.

The topography and geology of Zimbabwe go far beyond just serving as a backdrop for its biodiversity; the gorges, hills, highland plains and rock formations present their own kind of splendor that has led to their international acclaim. By far one of Zimbabwe’s most renowned sites and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls is simply a must-see for any tour of Zimbabwe. Located in the north of the country just across the border from the Zambian city of Livingstone, the “smoke that thunders” as translated from Mosi-oa-Tunya in the regional Bantu Kololo language is measured to be the largest waterfall on the planet! Over one thousand cubic meters spills over the crest every second on average, and at over twice the height of Niagara Falls and nearly half again as wide (approaching two kilometers!), it is a spectacle the defies description. Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, adjoining the Falls area, teems with exceptionally approachable birds and mammals that have few predators and make for a truly winsome viewing experience. Activities in this areas can include visits to Livingstone, river cruises and rhino tracking, and the constant proximity to Victoria Falls makes Mosi-oa-Tunya a particularly vibrant locale. Upstream lies Batoka Gorge, site of the cliffside Gorges Lodge which boasts captivating views of the Zambezi, river wildlife and the wet season plume of mist from the cascade. Enjoy various stretches of the Zambezi, including the fine riverfront Zambezi Sands Riverfront lodge Siansimba Islands upstream of the Falls, perfect for exploration by canoe.

In the remote bushveld interior of the country lies Matobo National Park, small in size but abounding in geologic scenery and biodiversity. Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, its balancing kopje boulder formations rise abruptly from the surrounding land and exemplify Zimbabwe’s granitic landscape. Matobo’s wildlife claim to fame lies in its density of leopards, the highest on the continent, as well as rebounding numbers of white and black rhinos! The oldest national park in the country, it was a historic dwelling area of the San culture, now more populous in Botswana and Namibia. Thousands of their cave paintings are found throughout Matobo.

Cultural diversity, both current and historic, is central to understanding Zimbabwe. From the energy of contemporary life in the busy capital of Harare (smaller than Cape Town, but big on culture!) to the classic life of the rural villages, people are the lifeblood of this country. Opportunities to visit with village schools and other community activities, and getting to meet local traditional villagers at Ngoma and elsewhere, are the best way to complement visiting historic cultural sites.

With their remoteness and freshness, Zimbabwe safari tours present an experience unlike others you’ll find in Africa. This resilient country has overcome much to rise to the position it is now in as a premiere safari destination, and awaits your visit with Global Basecamps. We’ll help reserve the accommodation best for you, from rustic camp to luxury hotel, search for and book the top activities on offer, and explore getting everything in order from in-country flights and other transportation to visas and other travel logistics. Most of our Zimbabwe tours offer an overview of the nation’s highlights, while our conservation safaris focus on supporting the welfare of the delightful biodiversity of the country.

Zimbabwe truly stands out as a place of natural and cultural greatness, and is a top safari holiday destination. Our your offerings can be fully customized to suit a variety of tastes so you can see this magnificent country on your terms, making the most of each day you spend there by utilizing our insider info to build an itinerary per your requests. Though Zimbabwe may seem worlds away, we have an Africa travel expert standing by to help craft the perfect stay based around the best safari Zimbabwe has for you and any traveling companions you may bring along. Contact us to start planning the time of your life!
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