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Exciting Namibia Safaris, Unique Landscapes, Etosha National Park

Looking for the ultimate safari in Namibia? Let us help! Desert species that can’t be found anywhere else in nature are strewn across the Namib and Kalahari Deserts beside Africa's Big Five, making for the perfect safari setting. Dunes of powder soft sand blends dramatically into the rugged Atlantic Ocean, creating some of the world’s most unique, windswept coasts and habitats for Africa’s wildlife. Our Travel Specialists will create an adventure that caters to your specific travel style, so request a quote today and let's get to planning!

Sample Tours to Namibia

**All of our tours can be customized to match your specific travel priorities and dates.

Namibia Under the Canvas Group Safari (10 days)

This Namibia Safari gives you the chance to get to know Nambia's rural wilderness and fascinating wildlife on a 10-group safari adventure! You'll begin in Windhoek before continuing by car through the striking landscapes and breathtaking scenery. Thi
Off the Beaten Path Safari Shared Departure Wildlife Adventure

Ultimate Namibia Group Safari (10 days)

This scheduled group itinerary to Namibia affords you the chance to experience this magnificent and memorable country in a very personal way. Your group will be accompanied by a professional and experienced safari guide, who will enhance every aspect
Adventure Classic Highlights Cultural Luxury Off the Beaten Path Safari Shared Departure Active

New and Happening in Namibia (10 days)

This 10-day custom luxury safari is perfect for the discerning traveler who has done it all and is seeking out a unique Namibia experience!
Cultural Luxury Safari Wildlife Adventure

Active Adventure (12 days)

For those that can't sit still and want to experience all that Namibia has to offer! Experience the natural beauty of Onguma, Etosha, Damaraland, Swakopmund, and Sossusvlei, staying at unique camps and spectacular lodges.
Adventure Safari Wildlife Active

Best of Namibia Safari Adventure (9 days)

A great value option covering the highlights of Namibia from South to North. Discover the massive desert dunes, track down the elusive desert adapted elephants, and enjoy game drives and wildlife encounters in Etosha National Park.
Cultural Family Honeymoon Safari Wildlife Adventure

Ultimate Namibia Fly-in & Private Guided Safari (9 days)

This Luxury Namibia Fly-in and Private Guided Safari affords you the chance to experience this magnificent and memorable country in a very personal way.
Adventure Cultural Luxury Off the Beaten Path Safari Wildlife Active

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Highlights of Namibia

Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park

Namibia's most famous wildlife viewing national park is a vast salt pan. Punctuated by watering holes, the desert-adapted African wildlife congregate here throughout the year. Game driving is easy in Etosha - just wait by a watering hole, and the wildlife comes to you. The park is massive, but our Travel Specialists can help navigate you to the best lodge or camp, ensuring you get the most out of your safari experience, from Etosha's desert oasis and beyond!

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Desert Wildlife

Desert Wildlife

Namibia is so dry, it is almost hard to imagine how wildlife can thrive here. Africa's big game has adapted over thousands of years to the harsh environment and today, Namibia is one of the continent's conservation success stories. You will find Big Five game roaming freely all throughout the land, and we can create a custom itinerary that makes sure you check as many of them off your list as possible!

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Self Drive Itineraries

Self Drive Itineraries

Namibia's road infrastructure is so well-maintained and simple, one of the best ways to explore the country is actually by driving yourself. Whereas other African destinations may require a private driver, here you can take the adventure into your own hands! Of course, we will be there to support you from arrival to departure, offering guidance for you to get the most out of the experience. A road trip has never felt so adventurous!

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Namibia's Highlights

From the enormous Fish River Canyon and the foggy Skeleton Coast, to the extreme activities of Swakopmund and the barren landscape of Sossusvlei, Namibia is a non-stop show of adventure and fun for absolutely everyone. With so much to do and see, our Travel Specialists can guarantee an itinerary that fits your personality, travel style, budget and occasion. Start planning today...Namibia awaits!

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Helpful Tips for Your Namibia Safari

If you have already decided to do a Namibian Safari, congratulations! You've made a great decision and certainly won't regret it. Namibia should be on everyone's travel list since it is a stunning, geographically diverse country that is safe, rich with culture and very easy to visit. Here are some tips to make sure you are well prepared for the fantastic journey you are about to have.

Research the Weather

What season are you traveling in? The rainy season is roughly from December to March. April is the first month after the rainy season and typically the landscape will be as green as it is going to get! It also is significantly less dusty. Namibia famous for its dustiness! The pros of this season are that prices tend to be a tad lower but game viewing in Etosha and the game reserves is more challenging. With dense bush and high grass, those animals can be hard to spot. Also, with more water available, the animals are less concentrated near the watering holes. This time of year is also their "autumn" and temperatures start to drop. It is not what many northerners would ever consider cold, but mornings and evenings are chilly enough to require a light jacket. If you go during a dryer season, such as Namibian winter (June, July, August) be prepared for cooler temps and lots of dust. Bringing protection for your electronics such as camera or binoculars is important this time of year.

Pack Appropriately

This follows naturally when discussing weather, but bring the proper attire. You have to be ready for many weather conditions. Contrary to popular belief, Africa is not only hot! Countries in the north and south have seasons and there are times of the day when it is legit cold! I recommend a fleece or jumper for those chilly morning game drives. Perhaps a light scarf as well. A combination of lightweight pants and shorts and shirts with various sleeve lengths will be the main chunk of your safari wardrobe. There aren’t many dressy occasions usually on a safari so you can be casual. You may want one nicer outfit for dinner. The desert is extremely hot during the day. You will want lightweight breathable fabrics for this. Also, don’t forget a swimsuit. Most lodges have a refreshing pool!


You should have some sturdy close-toed shoes, either trainers or hiking boots, because thereare often opportunities for bush walks and you have “comfort” stops on long drives in the middle of nowhere. There are snakes, scorpions, rocks, thorny bushes...should I go on? Protect your feet. Save the sandals for the pool or when you’re lounging at the lodge.

Other Items You Should Bring
Wide-brimmed hat
Insect repellant (many lodges provide this but always good to have your own)
Anti itch cream
Camera with zoom lens (you need really good zoom to photograph the wildlife)

Make Your Dietary Requirements Known Upfront

Namibians eat a meat-heavy diet so if you are vegetarian or vegan make sure your preferencesare known ahead of time and be prepared for limited choices. Fish is available in many places. Game is served quite often and in my opinion, it is really good and better than traditional pork or beef. I’m what you call a flexitarian. I prefer to eat vegetarian but am a bit more flexible when traveling. Most of the lodges have really good food with a 3 or 4-course menu where you have a choice of
the main dish. In some places you have a choice of starter as well. The portion sizes are generally very large.

Money Matters

Your tour is prepaid but somethings aren't included such as beverages and tipping. It is always good to have some extra cash for these things. Some of the hotels take credit cards but because this is Africa, systems are occasionally down. Get all the cash you need upfront at the airport. There are not ATMs everywhere in Namibia so don't count on always finding one.

Manage Expectations

Namibia isn't your typical safari. Safaris that many of us imagine are all about seeing wild animals but that isn't quite what safari means. The word "safari" actually comes from the word for "journey" in Arabic and Swahili. The entire trip is a safari. When you drive around looking at animals it's called a "game drive". A Namibia safari does have some game drives but that is only one facet of this tour. In my opinion, you get a taste of everything with this safari. Namibia is not famous for just its wildlife. It has a vast diversity of landscapes that will blow your mind. Where else can you kayak with seals, see desert adapted elephants, ancient stone carvings, visit tribal people, explore the 2nd largest canyon in the world and climb sand dunes in the world's oldest desert? A Namibia safari is a unique and special journey and one that you can't experience anywhere else!
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