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Morocco Tour with Diverse Landscapes and Vibrant Culture

Stepping into Morocco is like stepping into the land of Oz. From the arid Sahara Desert to the beach resorts along the western coast, Morocco is a slide show of constantly shifting panoramas, landscapes and cityscapes. This country has played host to foreign conquerors and rulers from ancient Roman to modern French origins, and has emerged as a traditional Muslim center of culture and commerce unlike anywhere else. Unlike traditional travel providers, Global Basecamps offers a combination of unprecedented planning and extraordinary service to create the perfect journey while ensuring a positive impact on the environment, culture and economy of your destination.

Sample Tours to Morocco

**All of our tours can be customized to match your specific travel priorities and dates.

Complete Morocco Explorer (15 days)

Morocco has many essential sites, beginning with Casablanca, continuing to Chefchaouen, and arriving in Fez. Next is an excursion into the Sahara Desert, followed by time in Marrakesh and the coastal city of Essaouira.
Active Archaeological Ruins Classic Highlights Family Cultural

Easy Explorer (8 days)

The western part of Morocco is a delight to drive through. Islamic and Berber cultures meet the sand and surf, watched over by beautiful mountains. Begin in Marrakesh, and drive through the Atlas Mountains to Essaouira for beach time.
Archaeological Ruins Beaches Hiking Cultural

Eclectic Morocco (10 days)

This trip highlights the best parts of Morocco, from Marrakesh to Fez, Sahara to Atlas Mountains. This is a perfect introduction to this beautiful place.
Active Archaeological Ruins Classic Highlights Community Cultural

Northern Highlights Tour (8 days)

After arriving in Casablanca, visit Chefchaouen, the city in blue. Spend a few cultural days in Fez before continuing to Rabat, the capital. This itinerary concentrates on a single region of Morocco, so travelers are able to dive deeper into the dest
Active Archaeological Ruins Culinary Cultural

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Highlights of Morocco

Imperial and Coastal City Tours

Imperial and Coastal City Tours

Fez is a maze of 9,000 alleyways and side streets that have somehow congregated to create a blooming city. Marrakech will seem like its actively trying to distract you from your goals as you walk through its souks (markets). Casablanca will impress you with its style and metropolitan lifestyle. And it is impossible to not relax in Essaouira as you take in its sunsets and beaches. All these cities are punctuated with culturally and historically significant mosques, monuments and markets.

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Sahara Desert Tours

Sahara Desert Tours

The Sahara Desert is a world cut horizontally in half. The top hemisphere is a sapphire blue sky which at night transforms into a field of stars unlike any other you have witnessed. The bottom half is an arid vastness of rolling dunes whose only purpose seems to be to reflect the colors the sky offers. Our tours offer you the opportunity to travel the Sahara by day via car, train or camel, and sleep in luxury Bedouin-style tents under its stunning night skies.

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Tour the High Atlas Mountains

Tour the High Atlas Mountains

As you travel south up into the High Atlas Mountains, its green valleys, blue waterfalls and white-tipped peaks will surely surprise you. Here, the Berber locals might welcome you into their homes for a delicious lunch after a morning hike. Scattered among the mountain peaks are standing ruins, palaces and cities left behind by civilizations long gone. Climbing into these mountains is like elevating into another world and culture entirely.

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Moroccan Culture and Hospitality

Moroccan Culture and Hospitality

For centuries, travellers have crossed the Sahara Desert only to be welcomed whole-heartedly by the unique hospitality of the Moroccan people. Moroccans take their hospitality seriously, as outside their city walls is a truly inhospitable landscape. The riads that now serve as hotels once housed multi-generational families within their tall walls and strong gates, and the cooks that now prepare the meals here will make sure you never want for food as long as you are under their roof.

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Traveler Photos From Morocco

A Few Notes About Morocco Tours

Morocco has long captured the imaginations of travelers far and wide. This mesmerizing North African country is steeped with a rich and complicated history that goes back thousands of years and crosses many different cultures and countries.

When to Go

Morocco provides an excellent trip for travelers anytime of year, however the best time to visit in general is September through November when the heat of the summer has eased. Another great time to visit March through June when the country is particularly lush and green. It is recommended that summer be avoided due to the scorching hot temperatures that cities like Marrakesh and Fez and Southwestern Morocco will face. Speak to one of our travel specialists to get a better sense of the ideal time to visit based on your travel preferences and desired tour activities.

Where to Visit


Marrakesh is distinguished by the maze of shops, entertaining performers, exotic foreign spices and hard working street vendors. On a private tour, you can explore the Saadian tombs, Bahia Palace, Ali Ben Youssef Koranic School and walk through the various souks. While each of Morroco’s imperial cities has its own medina (old city), there is a reason that tourists deam Morocco’s the best. Where berber tribes once traded their gold and ivory, tourists can now buy trinkets and colorful fabrics.


Commonly known as one of the gateways into Morocco, most international flights arrive and depart from here. Here you’ll witness Morocco’s rich history mesh with modern industry. Much can be learned about Morocco’s culture by walking its streets and meeting its people in this bustling and beautiful city.


Hidden deep in Morocco’s northwestern mountains, the famed “blue city” of Chefchaouen dates back to the 15th century. Roam the streets and explore the markets tucked into the steep narrow alley-ways of this enchanting medina ( old city) that is renowned for the distinctive blue that covers almost all of its buildings and streets.


Fez is truly the center of culture and intellectualism in Morocco. Many of the country’s most important historical movements began in Fez which has stood strong for more than 1,2000 years. Wind your way through the city and wake up your senses with the flavors and aromas behind every street corner. During a private guided half-day tour, you’ll get the chance to see some of the most worthwhile spots within the well over 9,000 streets and alleyways. These included the Fondouk Njejjarine, the tanneries and various craft souks. In addition to your tour, you’ll also have the opportunity to partake in a cooking workshop where you’ll get a more up-close and educational look at Moroccan Cuisines like Couscous and Tagine.

What to Do

Explore the Ruins of Volubilis

See evidence of the farthest reaches of the Roman empire for yourself as you traverse through these ancient ruins. Originally founded by Carthaginain trade around 250 BC, Volubilis was later annexed by the Romans as part of their growing empire in Africa. While Roman rule collapsed by 250 AD, a massive earthquake obliterated the city in 1755 burying it until it was excavated almost 100 years later. Even if you aren’t a history buff, you’ll be able to simply sit back and marvel at the well-preserved classical antiquity structures and exquisite floor mosaics depicting Greek mythology.

Get Squeaky Clean at a Moroccan Hamman ( bath house)

While you won’t be met with tranquil music, calming aesthetics, and the scents of essential oils in a traditional Moroccan bath house, visiting a Jamman will leave you incomparably more invigorated than any five-star spa. Be prepared for a vigorous scrubbing in the steam rooms using a special mitten design for cleansing and exfoliating the skin. Keep an open mind and commit to this culturally immersive experience.

Watch the Sunrise in the Sahara Desert:

Traverse through the enchanting ergs ( large shifting sand dunes whose sands have been blown across from the neighboring Algeria). You can access the Moroccan Sahara from one of two gateway cities: Merzouga or M’Hamid. From Merzouga, you can walk directly off the street into Erg Chebbi where perhaps you’ll venture into one of the many Berber camps or hire camels for a trek and picnic lunch. The Erg Chigaga can only be reached via 4x4 or camel making them significantly less crowded. Regardless of which dunes you decide to visit, prepare to be mesmerized by the rich warm tones and overall expansiveness that is sure to imprint itself in your memory.

Climb to the Tallest Peak in North Africa

Just south of Marrakesh lies the centerpiece of the Imil Valley region: Jebel Toubkal. The surrounding wooded region makes for stunning scenery as you summit this 4167 meter peak. While not recommended for the inexperienced hiker, many will still be able to make it the top and down again with enough time to catch a bus back into Marrakesh that night.

Hike Through the Atlas Mountains

Northern Africa’s highest mountain range has given birth to unique cultures ever since humans first began exploring its mountain passes. The high peaks completely stop the dry Saharan winds from the south, creating a comfortable climate. Berbers call this place home and it really takes a local guide to know where the semi-nomadic people are at any given point throughout the year. During the warm months of June through September, this is a hiker’s paradise, while snow in the high peaks from September to May, transform the area into a sought after skiing destination.

Other Tips on Morocco Tours

Dishes to Try While in Morocco

Tktooka ( cooked tomato and green pepper salad), Beessara ( pureed fava bean soup), Tagine ( a slow cooked stew of meat, veggies, etc), Pastilla ( sweet and salty chicken wrapped in a flaky pastry sheets), Moroccan Mint Tea ( flavored extra sweet and with fresh mint leaves).

Entry and Exit Requirements

Travelers will need a passport with at least six months validity at the time of entry. You will not need a tourist visa for a visit to Morocco if your stay is under 90 days.


Check out our post on What to Wear in Morocco for tips on how to dress and what to bring with you on your trip.
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