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Best Galapagos Island Tours & Cruises

The Galapagos Islands are among the planet’s premiere nature and wildlife destinations. The fascinating volcanic geology, unique flora and fauna, and isolated nature of the islands have pushed them to the forefront of scientific inquiry since the mid-1800s, and research on the 13 major islands continues to play a vital role in our understanding of evolution. A cruise through the Galapagos islands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and Global Basecamps is proud to work with a hand-picked selection of the most ecologically friendly and sustainable small ships on the water. Our Galapagos Island trips feature a variety of small-ship cruising options, truly unique multi-day walking safaris, and lodge-based island explorations.

Sample Tours to Galapagos Islands

**All of our tours can be customized to match your specific travel priorities and dates.

Ecuador & Galapagos Discovery (10 days)

Experience the Galapagos at its finest, from luxury cruising to safari tented camps in the wild. Finish off your exploration surrounded by the rustic beauty of Hacienda Zuleta.
Adventure Classic Highlights Family Wildlife Active

Galapagos Guardians Land Based (7 days)

Encounter the wildlife, explore the landscapes and embrace the adventure of a week long voyage in the Galapagos Islands. Visit the islands of Santa Cruz, Bartolome, Floreana and Isabela, for a taste of it all.
Active Community Cultural Hiking Wildlife Adventure

Galapagos Guardians Land Based with Isabela Island (5 days)

On a tight schedule? Take advantage of a five-day alternative expedition of the Galapagos Islands, stopping at Santa Cruz, Bartolome and Isabela Island.
Active Beaches Community Hiking Wildlife Adventure

Land and Cruise Galapagos Adventure (6 days)

Enjoy the best of both worlds with this combined land and cruise set group departure in the incredible Galapagos islands. Spend a few nights on Santa Cruz island before boarding the Galapagos Seaman for a 4-day trip exploration by sea.
Adventure Classic Highlights Shared Departure Wildlife

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Highlights of Galapagos Islands

Island Hopping Tours

Island Hopping Tours

Our land-based itineraries are an innovative new way to explore the islands, developed in participation with the local community, promoting the charms of the most relaxed of the Galapagos Islands: Isabela. Among Isabela's attractions are five active volcanoes, the most extensive wetlands in the archipelago and a three-kilometer-long beach. You will also enjoy trekking with giant tortoises, swimming with white-tipped sharks, snorkeling with marine turtles, kayaking among flamingos, all in surroundings where stress is virtually unknown.

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Small Ship Galapagos Island Cruises

Small Ship Galapagos Island Cruises

Our yachts accommodate no more than 20 guests and feature multiple decks and spacious staterooms with beautiful interiors. Itineraries maximize time on the islands and interaction with local wildlife, and the cruises include all meals, non-alcoholic beverages and daily excursions. The ships have a dining room, well-stocked bars and conference areas with a flat screen TV and panoramic picture windows.

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Mainland Ecuador

Mainland Ecuador

Extend your stay in Ecuador with a few days on the beautiful mainland. Ecuador is one of South America's most diverse destinations, and by no means is limited to the Galapagos Islands. The Amazon Jungle is a short flight away from towering Andean volcanoes, and native cultures range just as wildly. This is a rising destination full of adventure, culture and life. Time on the mainland perfectly compliments the islands.

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Photos from Our Travelers

A Few Words About Galápagos Island Tours and Trips

An island paradise like no other, the Galápagos Islands have always been a hotspot for explorers to come and see the harmonious inner workings of the natural world. Sitting off the coast of Ecuador, the region is made up of 20 islands, each of which are a thing of sheer magnificence in their own right. Due to their colorful landscape, these lush islands often fall at the top of people’s travel bucket lists. Encompassing turquoise shores and underwater caves, it is no surprise that wanderlusters feel such an irrevocable draw towards it. Yet, what truly makes it shine is the gorgeously diverse ecosystem, which is one of the most varied on our entire planet.

Your journey will start from the moment you step onto these volcanic islands, where Galápagos trips into the wilderness will take you into another world. Place your trust in the hands of our local, award-winning Galapagos experts, who have spent their days roaming the Galápagos Islands in the hope of creating a life-changing adventure for travelers like you. On all our breathtaking Galápagos tours, you have the opportunity to combine relaxation with exhilaration to create the perfect Galápagos Islands holiday.

Why You'll Love the Galápagos Islands

First and foremost, people love these islands for their gloriously diverse ecosystems. From the giant tortoises to startlingly pink flamingos, blue-footed boobies and species of finches the Galapagos Safari Camp on Isla Santa Cruz. This luxurious accommodation includes sunset yoga and meditation to bring calm to your soul.

Where to travel in the Galápagos Islands

Despite any part of the Galápagos Islands being an enchanting place to explore, there are some key spots which have left an impact on even the most cynical traveler. One such place is Rábida Island whose dusty red shores that bleed into the surrounding blue sea. If you’re looking for glass-clear waters and bright, white sands,venture over to Tortuga Bay and the peaceful Floreana Island. Experience peaceful silence the lava tunnels of Santa Cruz, and for the best glimpse into nature on your tour, volcanic Isla Isabela provides a mountain setting where mountain hikes and vistas will add another dimension to your trip. You can visit such natural habitats and rest on unique shores on many Galapagos tours.

When to visit the Galápagos Islands

The Galápagos Islands see some of the best weather in the world. The seasons are generally split into just two: cool and dry (June to November) and wet and warm (December to June).
Both seasons offer their own appeals to travelers, so when you decide to book your tour really depends upon what you hope to do.

If you’re hoping to lead a fairly active tour complete with scuba diving and long hikes, we recommend coming between December and June which is actually includes the summer for the southern hemisphere. While you’ll most likely encounter daily rainfall, it is typically restricted to a short afternoon drizzle, so won’t it impact your activities too much. You’ll also get the opportunity to see a plethora of flora and wildlife from baby sea turtles to radiant springtime blooms.

While the cooler months may note provide the sunshine and warm water optimal for diving and swimming, they do coincide with some spectacular wildlife phenomenons. One such spectacle is the courtship rituals of the blue-footed booby. These famed Galapagos residents get thier name from the Spanish word for clown ( “bobo) and their elaborate mating ritutals do become a bit of a circus. It begins with the males presenting the females with a pebble and subsequently marching around her, high-stepping with his large blue-webbed feet.

Where to stay

There are four main islands you can stay on during your trip, which are the central island of Santa Cruz, as well as San Cristobal, Isabela and Floreana. Most lie conveniently close together, allowing for easy travel between them via the best means possible: a Galapagos cruise. Each hotel in our Galápagos island tours is selected carefully by travel experts who have explored the best accommodation options for your holiday. Whether this be luxury mainland hotels in colorful Ecuador (head there next once your time in the Galápagos comes to a close!), or beachside rooms picked for their flawless island views, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing everything on your tour has been taken care of before your arrival, and that help is always on hand during your holiday. Even better is that you can choose to stay aboard a smaller, luxury, motorized catamaran, or a larger yacht filled with a number of other people.

What to pack

Deciding what to pack for any holiday can be tricky, but you will need to bring some essential items with you before you step onto your plane for your Galápagos trip…

An underwater cameraBringing any camera with you won’t be a good idea, as there is as much wonderous scenery to capture underwater as there is on land. If you can find a high-definition camera that is waterproof, you should consider it an investment well made when you come away with photographs that embody your Galapagos tours.

Some sunblockWhen you tour any hot country, sunscreen is a must, as it will protect you from the strong, relentless UV waves of the sun. Taking a small, travel-sized version with you will be great for topping up during the day when you are on Galápagos tours.

Hiking bootsMost of your holiday will be spent trekking through the wilderness with native wildlife at your side, which means you should bring your best hiking boots with you if you want to participate to the best of your ability during tours.

Our specialists are standing by to join with you in bringing your Galápagos adventure tour to life and to satisfy your search for an authentic experience among these truly unique islands. Work with them online and by phone to select the activities and build the itinerary of your dreams with the terms that are right for you in terms of dates and price, and whether you want to book more private activities or to join in groups. We hope to hear from you soon!

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