Hwange National Park

Zimbabwe Drought Initiative

Hwange School Feeding Program

The Problem

Zimbabwe is currently facing its most devastating drought in 40 years. It is predicted that the country will face a crisis level food insecurity outcomes through at least January 2020. According to the World Food Program USA , more than five million people in Zimbabwe need food aid, many of who are being pushed towards starvation.

Hwange School Lunch Program
Zimbabwean School Children

The Solution

In order to help combat this hunger, Global Basecamps has partnered with Imvelo Safari Lodges Hwange School Feeding Program. During this urgent time of need, we’ve pledged to sponsor a student’s lunch for one month for every Global Basecamps booking made in 2019.

The Hwange School Feeding Program, which launched in 2011, aims to provide a cooked meal to every school child within the Hwange district .While this region of Western Zimbabwe has always been susceptible to unreliable rainfall, this past year has been particularly dry. The drought profoundly limits the access rural Zimbaweans have to food and fodder for their livestock, causing financial and food insecurity.

After witnessing exhausted and hungry children falling asleep in class, The Hwange School Feeding program was established to mitigate the negative impact drought years had upon school children and their education.

Global Basecamps is proud to be a part of Imvelo’s program, which will provide over 400,000 school lunch meals to Zimbabwean children in 2019.You can learn more about the program, its impact and additional ways you can support this initiative here.

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