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We Offset Your Flight Emissions

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Your passion for travel shouldn’t hinder your dedication to protecting our planet. From wildlife protection projects to environmental conservation to clean water initiatives, there are many different ways to incorporate sustainability into your next adventure.

Unfortunately, global travel inevitably does have an environmental impact. Flying round-trip across the country emits over 1,000 tons of CO2 into our atmosphere. That’s about 1/8th of the CO2 emissions an individual who drives 10,000 miles in an entire year.

That's why we've partnered with Offset Alliance to offset the flights of all our passengers so you don't have to scratch those overseas and faraway destinations off your bucket list.

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How does this work?

Based on EPA and verified data, Offset Alliance calculates the carbon footprint our trips produce and the number of offsets we need to purchase to offset it. All the offsets we purchase go towards toward CO2 offset projects of the highest international standards set by the Climate Action Reserve, Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry and VCS.

Our Current Offset Project: Vinales Project in Concepcion, Chile

Chile's energy production is still dominated by fossil fuels. Coal, oil and gas are used to generate 70%+ of the country's primary energy which means enormous levels of carbon emissions to keep the lights on and economy moving. The Vinales project eliminates the use of hydrocarbons, and isntead uses what historically has been waste (sawdust) to generate energy for industry and communities

Climate and Community Impact

  • 573 Billion pounds C02 mitigated on average each year
  • reliable energy for local communities and industries
  • influencing other industries to use renewable energy

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