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Cambodia Clean Water Initiative

Kampong Khleang Water Filter Distribution Project

The Problem

Currently over 50% of the rural Cambodian population does not have access to clean drinking water and 20% of deaths of children under 5 are due to waterborne diseases. Waterborne illnesses are a major issue in Cambodia, particularly in poorer communities like those surrounding Tonle Sap who utilize the often times unsanitary lake as their main water resource.

Cambodia Water Filter Project
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The Solution

Here at Global Basecamps we are passionate about doing our part in giving back to the communities which we are honored to visit and share with our fellow travellers. In August 2015 we traveled to Cambodia to visit with the community leaders of the floating stilt village of Kampong Khleang, and together came to the conclusion that a clean water project would be beneficial for the overall health and well being of the community. The end goal would provide 105 families with access to clean drinking water.

In order to attain this goal Global Basecamps has teamed up with Waves for Water to act as our water filtration systems provider. Aside from being extremely effective, the filters are portable, easy to use, easy to pack and if properly maintained each filter can last 5 years or more.

The Experience - Connections through Water:

We believe that the most valuable travel experiences are created through establishing personal connections with the people we encounter along the way. With this in mind we created a unique excursion that would allow our travelers the opportunity to deliver water filters to the local community as a part of a direct "give back" during their village visit. Rather than just simply witnessing the destination, travelers are able to actively engage with the local people and see the positive impact of their contribution first hand.

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