Dunes, Lagoons & Desert Trekking

Venture out into Brazil's hidden world of wonders! Beyond the modern sky scrapers and bustling streets, lies an untouched oasis. This journey will guide you on a voyage through the soft sand dunes and turquoise crystal lagoons, decorating the desert landscape as far as the eye can see. Begin your trip in the charming city of Sao Luis, to roam the cobblestone streets and explore the historical sites. In the company of a private guide, your trek will then take off into the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. Admire the scenery and appreciate the serenity, as you continue to the Delta do Parnaiba, and ultimately, the coastal seaside of Jericoacoara. Enjoy stops at rural villages and overnight experiences in hammocks and tents en route. This may not be the most glamorous way to explore Brazil, but it sure is the authentic and memorable way!

Daily Itinerary

Day 1: Sao Luis Arrival

Sao Luis Arrival
Daily Summary
  • Transportation: Airport Transfer
  • Accommodation: Casa Lavinia

Welcome to Brazil! Upon arrival at the Sao Luis Airport, you will be transferred directly to your accommodation located in the historical downtown area. Get settled into your room and enjoy the remainder of your day to relax, unwind and explore your lovely surroundings. (This service is on a private basis.)

Sao Luis

Sao Luis radiates colonial charm and simplistic beauty. This enchanting city is recognized as the capital and largest city of the Brazilian state of Maranhao. You will be captivated by the city's character as you explore the cobble stone streets of this World Heritage–listed historic center. The attractive architecture, lively cultural scene, full of museums, craft stores and galleries, is something unique for travelers to appreciate. Though some of the buildings have been restored, most are kept in their natural state of decay, maintaining a fascinating historic scene, as time stands still.

Day 2: Sao Luis - Lencois Maranhenses

Sao Luis - Lencois Maranhenses
Daily Summary
  • Tour: Half Day City Tour
  • Tour: Trekking Through Sand Dunes
  • Accommodation: Lencois Maranhenses Trekking Tent
  • Meals: B, L, D

Half Day City Tour

Today, you will head out on a half day city tour in Sao Luis' beautiful historical center. This is an important architectural complex of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, which has about 3,500 houses protected as World Heritage Sites. Among other sites, you will have the chance to visit the Church of Sel, Squares Benedito Leite and Dom Pedro II, Fonte do Ribeirao, Arthur Azevedo Theater, Palace of the Lions, Street Portugal, Giz Street and Beco Catarina Mina and Quebra Bundas. Marvel at the detailed architecture, soak in the natural beauty and get a feel for the local culture. Before your excursion ends, you will take a brief panoramic tour in an air-conditioned car across the beaches Ponta d'Areia, Sao Marcos and Calhau, and Lagoa da Jansen. (This service is on a private basis.)

Trekking Through Sand Dunes

Following your morning exploration of Sao Luis, it will be time to continue the journey onward to Barreirinhas. En route, you will stop for lunch, where a four-wheel vehicle will be waiting to take you to the entrance of the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. Inside the park, you will continue in your four-wheel vehicle up to the starting point of the trek.

This afternoon's 3 hour (4 kms) hike, will take you through stunning landscapes of sand dunes and crystal clear blue lagoons. You will also have the opportunity to swim in one of the crystalline pools and experience the magnificent sunset over the dunes. As dusk sets, you will pitch your tents for the evening and have dinner on the slopes of the dunes. (This service is on a private basis.)

Lencois Maranhenses National Park

The name of this park makes reference to the immense dunes that look like a bed sheet ("lencois"), spread across the land as far as the eye can see. Located near Sao Luis, the park is divided into Grandes Lencois and Pequenos Lencois, separated by the Rio Preguicas. The zone contains beaches, mangrove swamps, lagoons and dunes, and it was officially declared a National Park in 1981. The shifting dunes of fine white sand and crystal clear blue lagoons that appear to glow under the sunshine or the moonlight, are truly a spectacular sight to see.

Day 3: Lencois Maranhenses - Baixa Grande

Daily Summary
  • Tour: Exploration & Community Experience
  • Accommodation: Lencois Maranhenses Trekking Hammock
  • Meals: B, L, D

Exploration & Community Experience

Wake up early this morning, in order to catch the impressive sunrise over the dunes. After breakfast, you will continue trekking through the park to one of the nearby towns, Baixa Grande. Here, lunch will be served and the remainder of your day is for you to enjoy exploring and getting to know the community.

Today's trek will take around 3 hours and 30 minutes (5 kms), with stops to swim in the inviting cool waters en route. Your unique accommodation for the evening will be in a fisherman's cottage in hammocks. (This service is on a private basis.)

Day 4: Baixa Grande - Atins

Daily Summary
  • Tour: Hiking To Rio Negro & Beach Relaxation
  • Accommodation: Rancho do Buna
  • Meals: B

Hiking To Rio Negro & Beach Relaxation

After breakfast this morning, you will start trekking over the dunes to Rio Negro. The trek today will take around 3 hours and 30 minutes (5 kms). Upon arrival at the beach, a four-wheel vehicle will be waiting to take you to the small fishing town of Atins. You can spend the rest of the day here as you wish, exploring the local village and lounging on the beach to rest your feet and soak up some sunshine. (This service is on a private basis.)

Day 5: Atins - Delta do Parnaiba

Atins - Delta do Parnaiba
Daily Summary
  • Transportation: Internal Transfer
  • Tour: Delta Safari
  • Accommodation: Casa de Caboclo
  • Meals: B

Today, you will be transferred from Atins to Ilha das Canarias, where your outdoors adventure continues. (This service is on a private basis.)

Delta Safari

This evening, a fascinating Delta Safari experience awaits! The Parnaiba River extends as far as the eye can see before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. Recognized as the Delta of Americas, it is one of the three biggest in the entire world. As if comparing it to the fingers extending from the palm of your open hand, the river is divided into five channels, that together form endless amounts of islands, lagoons, mazes of "igarapes" (small arm rivers) and ecological refuges. During this 6 hour Delta Safari you will have the opportunity to visit Poldros Island, Canarias Island and Morro Branco. Keep your eyes out for the wild animals roaming around you! (This service is on a private basis.)

Delta do Parnaiba

The Delta do Parnaiba is located between the Brazilian states of Piaui and Maranhao. It is the only one in the Americas and one of the world's most unique in all of the open sea. Formed by the Rio Parnaiba, which flows 1485 kms long, the Delta Parnaiba extends into five arms, branching out to 73 river islands. Its lush landscape is adorned with a stunning variety of dunes, marshes and river islands, ensuring one of the most idyllic settings of the region.

Day 6: Delta do Parnaiba - Jericoacoara

Delta do Parnaiba - Jericoacoara
Daily Summary
  • Transportation: Internal Transfer
  • Accommodation: Pousada Naquela Jericoacoara
  • Meals: B

This morning after breakfast, you will pack up your things and head out on the full day, roughly 8 hour, journey to Jericoacoara. This transfer will be via speedboat and four-wheel vehicle overland drive, most of the time traveling on paved road, for your comfort and convenience. The ride will lead you through a scenic landscape of rolling dunes, so it should be a beautiful journey. Finally, you will arrive in the beach town of Jericoacoara, hopefully in time to catch one of the most amazing sunset views in all of northeastern Brazil, decorated by beaches and dunes in the background. (This service is on a private basis.)


With year-round sunshine and an inviting warm environment, Jericoacoara is undoubtedly among some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Despite its fame around the world, the laid back pace of life in the old fishing village remains the same, as well as the sandy tropical streets and lack of electric light. An Environmental Protection Area, preserving an area of about 200 square kilometers full of golden dunes, mangroves and transparent lagoons, this village is an untouched refuge from the modernity of big cities. The cool breeze and constant winds make it one of the best spots in the country for water sports, such as rafts, kite boards and windsurfers, who all share the ocean in perfect harmony.

Day 7: Jericoacoara

Daily Summary
  • Accommodation: Pousada Naquela Jericoacoara
  • Meals: B

Make the most of your time here, with a day free to explore this forgotten Northeastern town on your own. A destination where the rhythm of life changes and the unique landscape setting will dazzle you, it won't be hard to impress. In the midst of sand dunes and lush vegetation, you will have the opportunity to take part in many activities according to your interests. To name a few, there is horseback riding, yoga classes, surfing excursions or four-wheel beach drives in the nearby areas. Above all, no mater how you decide to spend today, simply soak up the peace and authenticity of this wonderland.

Day 8: Jericoacoara - Fortaleza Departure

Daily Summary
  • Transportation: Airport Transfer
  • Meals: B

Unfortunately, the time has come to head back to reality. This morning, you will be transferred on a 4.5 hour four-wheel drive vehicle over the dunes and roads, for one last exhilarating ride en route to the airport in Fortaleza. (This service is on a private basis.)

We hope this unique trekking adventure through the dunes, lagoons and deserts of Brazil exceeded all of your expectations and left you with the memories of a lifetime!


Casa Lavinia

Casa Lavinia

Welcome to Casa Lavinia, a beautiful mid-nineteenth century historic house available for you to spend dream holidays. Located in the center of Sao Luis do Maranhao, sited on an island in the north-east of Brazil, Casa Lavinia is a typical colonial style "Casarão" and has been declared World Heritage Site in 1997. With warm hospitality, this charming hotel will provide the perfect setting for you to immerse in the unique and magical atmosphere of Sao Luis.

Lencois Maranhenses Trekking Tent

Lencois Maranhenses Trekking Tent

Camping in the Lencois Maranhenses National Park is truly an unforgettable experience. Fall asleep to the pure silence of the desert, as you nestle into the untouched powder sand beneath you. Awake to the sunrise emerging between the folds of dunes, causing a glistening layer of lights over the water. Camp will generally be set up next to a lagoon, at the foot of a dune, in order to protect you from the the wind. The tents can each sleep a total of four people, however two travelers may also share one tent, to make for a more comfortable and spacious night's rest. Small mattresses are also available for your convenience.

Lencois Maranhenses Trekking Hammock

Lencois Maranhenses Trekking Hammock

As your trek reaches Baixa Grande, you will get settled in for a unique overnight stay in hammocks. Covered by the shelter of a small fisherman's cottage, the hammocks swing just above the soft sand, making for a special and simplistic experience, that truly brings you back to the basics. If you do not think you would rest comfortably in the hammocks, you may alternatively choose to sleep in a tent here in Baixa Grande, instead.

Rancho do Buna

Rancho do Buna

Rancho do Buna will be an absolutely fulfilling experience for all of your senses. From hearing the birds in the trees each morning, to tasting the delicious array of cuisines at breakfast, you are sure to be satisfied during your trip. Located near to the beach and having a pool on site, there will always be a place to cool off and relax. Whether you are traveling by yourself, or alongside your family, the personable staff will make sure to keep you comfortable and provide you with a welcoming and exceptional stay.

Casa de Caboclo

Casa de Caboclo

Sitting on the edge of the Barra do Rio Parnaiba river, Casa do Caboclo is surrounded with lush vegetation, fauna amd wildlife. The hotel provides comfortable accommodation with free Wi-Fi, private bath and inviting shared area. Surrounded by beauty, it is the perfect option for familiar amenities and warm hospitality.

Pousada Naquela Jericoacoara

Pousada Naquela Jericoacoara

Naquela Jericoacoara offers a tranquil setting just a few steps from Praia da Malhada Beach, 1,500 feet from Main Beach and 650 feet from Jericoacoara Square. It features swimming pools, a small creek and a zen atmosphere. The property is centered around a creek, which goes along all the garden area, just in front of each room.

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