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Recycle Flip Flops (and Fire Hoses) Responsibly

by satu

Living a sustainable lifestyle can propose a bit of a headache for the environmentally-conscious consumer who cannot resist cute new travel gear and trendy outfits, but is committed to minimizing her environmental footprint. If you need to periodically update your wardrobe to include skinny jeans instead of boot cut and peach instead of pink, you inevitably end up with outdated gear, and if the local second hand store won’t have them you are faced with having them buried in a landfill. Many new apparel companies are now focused on providing sustainable fashion, and accessories made out of used materials such as car tires and even fire hoses are now available. Although the new clothes are recycled, the problem of discarding old, unusable clothing and footwear still persists.

Undiscovered Holiday Destinations - Vietnam

by satu

Have you been browsing travel magazines for untouched destinations that remain undiscovered by the average traveler? As the holiday travel season approaches, the sustainable travel experts at Global Basecamps have put together some suggestions for trips with just the right balance of pristine beaches and cultural discovery, with plenty of time for exploring on your own and losing yourself in the winding streets of ancient towns.

Global Basecamps' Destination Marketing Awards Winner - 2009

by gregor

When most Americans think about Denmark, if they think about Denmark, it's probably something along the lines of being near Sweden and Norway or eating strange fermented fish (or is that Iceland?) or not much at all. In general Denmark lacks an identity with foreign tourists and the sensitive geniuses at Visit Denmark, the country's tourism board, decided that the best way to get men to visit was to focus on two main selling points:

  1. Danish women are blonde and beautiful
  2. Danish women get drunk and have unprotected sex with strange foreign men they meet in bars

But how do you launch a campaign (outside of Maxim Magazine) that will hit your target audience without grossing out everyone else in the process?

Sustainable Travel Expert Enlightens the Masses

by gregor

In what we think is quite possibly the best Q&A ever on the nature of Sustainable Travel, Tripwolf writer Adena Harford suffers through a barrage of long-winded but eminently entertaining and enlightening answers to her most vexing questions relating to sustainable travel.

Thanks Adena, any time you've got questions I've got 3-5 hours to answer them.

Green Hotels and Open-Source Sustainability

by gregor

When most people think about sustainable travel they usually imagine low-impact huts in the rainforest or tented safari camps out under the shadow of Kili. We're actually seeing the biggest steps with the smallest footprints being taken in the urban jungle with not only retrofits of existing hotels but a huge surge in green sourcing of everything from locally grown food to bamboo-blend sheets. You've been hearing a lot about LEED, The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, and more specifically their Green Building Rating System, developed by the U.S. Green Building Council. Besides loving acronyms almost as much as we do LEED and the USGBC developed a suite of standards for environmentally sustainable construction in the late 90's and have grown to more than 14,000 projects in the US and over 30 countries worldwide.

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