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Packing for Treks: Tips From A Global Basecamps Traveler

by rebecca

Camp Near BarrancoRebecca is a Global Basecamps MVP traveler who has trekked all over the world and back again. Having gained knowledge and experience packing for her various treks, she was kind enough to offer her tips for future travelers! In our "Packing for Treks" series, Rebecca will give general tips, as well as destination-specific tips for Nepal, Tanzania and Peru!

Now that you have planned your custom trek with Global Basecamps, and in order to maximize the return on all your planning, it is important to select suitable gear. While it's true that Mallory and Irvine climbed Everest in gabardine and not Gore-Tex, appropriate gear can make your trip infinitely more comfortable and safe, not to mention more stylish. You don’t want to be a blot on the beautiful landscape, do you? Careful selection of your gear is also a fun part of getting ready for your trip - you read that right - gear is fun!

Best of Basecamps: Nishimuraya Honkan Ryokan

by elias

Japan’s Culture Through Ryokan

Nishimuraya RyokanFew countries can claim their hotels as one of their main tourist attractions. Japan is different. Staying in a traditional ryokan provides insight into what Japan values: simple, well-made food, courteous service, tradition, a place that feels like home.

No one travels in Japan more than the Japanese themselves. Part of this is due to the values listed above, and part of this is because of the natural hot springs that dot the islands. Weekends at a hot spring resort are not just common, they’re a necessary respite from the stress of urban living. Knowing this, it’s safe to say that the country’s best ryokan are located near the country’s most popular natural hot springs.

And so we come to Nishimuraya Honkan Ryokan, a traditional yet luxurious basecamp in Kinosaki-cho, Japan.

What's The Deal With Lemurs?!

by elias

At Global Basecamps, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the travel-trend curve. We have a pretty good sense on what’s popular, and what will be popular. Now, we’ve been planning travel to Madagascar for years, but these trips have historically been limited to a handful of intrepid travelers every year. So when we recently noticed more travelers showing interest in Madagascar with the goal of seeing as many lemurs as possible, we had to ask ourselves: “What’s the deal with lemurs?!”

What follows hereafter is “the deal with lemurs.”

24 Hours In: Hong Kong

by elias

Hong Kong HarborIn our “24 Hours In” series, we present ideas for how to spend a full day in a featured city. The cities we’ll be covering include places often traveled through, but not in. These cities often act as international flight hubs, and layovers can extend from hours to a full day at times. So if you’re in a city on your way to or from your destination, following are some of our favorite things to do there!

Special Peru Rate Through December 20th

by elias

Machu Picchu

Eight Exciting Days in Peru: $1,387 per person

Peru is a special place, and we jump at any chance to lower prices on our trips there, if it means more people get to experience the Andes, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and the Amazon. Sometimes, the right pieces fall into place, and Global Basecamps can offer a really special deal. If you were dreaming of taking one last special trip in 2013, and were nervous that you may have waited too long to plan it, this may be the opportunity for you.

For travelers departing from Nov 1st to Dec 20th, 2013, we’d like to send you to Peru at an especially low rate of $1,387 per traveler staying in a twin room. Check out this itinerary:

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