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Marrakech Mosque

Stepping into Morocco is like stepping into the land of Oz. From the arid Sahara Desert to the beach resorts along the western coast, Morocco is a slide show of constantly shifting panoramas, landscapes and cityscapes. This country has played host to foreign conquerors and rulers from ancient Roman to modern French origins, and has emerged as a traditional Muslim center of culture and commerce unlike anywhere else.

Our tours mostly depart from the international gateways of Marrakech and Casablanca. These culturally significant cities serve as launchpads into the empty beauty of the Sahara Desert and the majestic grace of the High Atlas Mountains. The imperial cities of Fez and Marrakech, along with the coastal destinations of Casablanca and Essaouira are beacons of civilization in the vastness, and are themselves a maze of streets, alleys and souks where one will certainly get lost if that is their goal.

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Morocco Eclectic Itinerary
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Morocco Imperial Cities Itinerary
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Morocco Magical Sahara Desert Tour
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Morocco Peaks Desert and Gorges Tour - Marrakech, Morocco
Morocco Peaks Desert and Gorges Tour
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Morocco Southern Charm Tour - Marrakech, Morocco
Morocco Southern Charm Tour
From the arid Sahara Desert to the beach...

Highlights of Morocco


Imperial and Coastal Cities

Fez is a maze of 9,000 alleyways and side streets that have somehow congregated to create a blooming city. Marrakech will seem like its actively trying to distract you from your goals as you walk through its souks (markets). Casablanca will impress you with its style and metropolitan lifestyle. And it is impossible to not relax in Essaouira as you take in its sunsets and beaches. All these cities are punctuated with culturally and historically significant mosques, monuments and markets.
Camels in Merzouga

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is a world cut horizontally in half. The top hemisphere is a sapphire blue sky which at night transforms into a field of stars unlike any other you have witnessed. The bottom half is an arid vastness of rolling dunes whose only purpose seems to be to reflect the colors the sky offers. Our tours offer you the opportunity to travel the Sahara by day via car, train or camel, and sleep in luxury Bedouin-style tents under its stunning night skies.
High Atlas Berber girls

High Atlas Mountains

As you travel south up into the High Atlas Mountains, its green valleys, blue waterfalls and white-tipped peaks will surely surprise you. Here, the Berber locals might welcome you into their homes for a delicious lunch after a morning hike. Scattered among the mountain peaks are standing ruins, palaces and cities left behind by civilizations long gone. Climbing into these mountains is like elevating into another world and culture entirely.
Riad interior in Fez

Moroccan Culture and Hospitality

For centuries, travellers have crossed the Sahara Desert only to be welcomed whole-heartedly by the unique hospitality of the Moroccan people. Moroccans take their hospitality seriously, as outside their city walls is a truly inhospitable landscape. The riads that now serve as hotels once housed multi-generational families within their tall walls and strong gates, and the cooks that now prepare the meals here will make sure you never want for food as long as you are under their roof.

Destination Information

  • Morocco has varying degrees of temperatures at different times of the year. If you are ever wondering about the weather in Morocco, remember this mantra: “Morocco is a cold land with a hot sun”.
  • The best weather in Morocco is to be had in April, May, & June, along with September and October. The winter months can also be sunny with warm days (especially in Fez and Marrakesh), but the nights will be very cold.
  • Marrakesh is Morocco’s hottest city with temperatures that have reached as high as 130°F in the summer.
  • Morocco’s coldest city is Ifrane, nestled in the Middle Atlas Mountains. This city is reminiscent of a European alpine village with snow in the winter and temperatures plummeting to below freezing.
  • The road between Ouarzazate and Erfoud is known as the "Route of 1000 Kasbahs". There may not be exactly 1000 kasbahs, but these fortified Berber structures are primarily made from the reddish-brown mud of the region.
  • The most impressive kasbah in Morocco is the Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou. Other notable structures to look for are mosques and minarets, medersas (koranic schools), mausoleums, babs (medina entries), and riads (traditional Moroccan houses).
  • Moroccan food brings in Berber, Moorish, Mediterranean and Arab influences to produce couscous, tajines and spicy sausages. For authentic local food in any major city, head to the food stalls in the local medina.

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