Social Responsibility, Green Business & Giving Back

Global Basecamps' most significant contribution to responsible travel is through our partnerships. Each of our itineraries consists of locally owned hotels, lodges and multi-day excursions which share a commitment to support their local community and environment. For example, Inca Trail treks booked through Global Basecamps help fund conservation efforts of the trail itself, as well as supporting habitat conservation and wildlife monitoring projects. Tanzanian safaris arranged by Global Basecamps support the construction and operation of a local school.

To further ensure your travel dollars are supporting the communities you are travelling to, Global Basecamps uses proceeds from each trip to make contributions to global community outreach and development programs. These programs are listed below:

Community Outreach and Environmental Programs

Ilkurot Village Nursery & Primary Schools

Ilkurot School Ilkurot Primary and Nursery School is located in a Maasai village called Ilkurot, approximately 30 km north of Arusha, Tanzania. People in Ilkurot are living below the Tanzanian poverty line, earning on average less than $200 US per year, while the cost of education is approximately $40-50, it is often by-passed. After visiting the school in 2004 our in country partners in Tanzania, Maasai Wanderings, began a community project in Ilkurot in an effort to raise funds for the school and make education more accessible to the Maasai children.Tours called ‘Maasai Village Experience’ allow tourists the opportunity to eat, dance, and interact with the Maasai village people to learn about their culture. These tours have helped raise funds to build a new classroom for the Nursery School and continue to help improve the Illkurot community project. Global Basecamps is proud to donate funds directly to the Illkurot community project.

Matimu Primary School Teacher’s Office

Matimu Primary School Global Basecamps funded the construction of a teacher's office in Tanzania. Teachers at the primary school in Le Manyatta village lacked a space to meet. The head teacher’s office is tiny, and the lack of a proper teacher’s lounge/office limited the staff’s ability to get together. Traditionally, a faculty lounge or meeting room has served as a place for teachers to exchange ideas with each other, which is a vital part of a teacher's continued education. Adding this facility improved the students' lives by way of their teachers. This is just a part of Global Basecamps' continuing contributions to the community of Le Manyatta, which Global Basecamps travelers can visit on their trips to Tanzania.

Kids for Peace

Kids for Peace Global Basecamps is involved with Kids for Peace by sponsoring community events, service as well as direct contributions. Kids for Peace is a chapter-based nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating every child's innate ability to foster peace through cross-cultural experiences and hands-on arts, service and environmental projects. With over 100 chapters spanning six continents, boys and girls of all ages meet regularly to creatively put their "Peace Pledge" into action.

Planting Trees For Every Traveler

ECOAN Peru We love planting trees, and Global Basecamps makes it a priority to donate to reforestation efforts every year. In fact, we plant a tree for every traveler we send around the world. Reforestation projects are one of the best ways to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that's in the atmosphere. In 2014, Global Basecamps, along with local partners, financially supported the planting of 56,000 Quena trees in the Yanacocha and Queunacocha communities in the Peruvian Andes mountains. Not only did this effort employ over 750 local Peruvians, it also contributed to the sustainability of their farmland.Photography by Andrew Dare Photography

Japan Relief

Real Medicine Following the tragic Japan earthquake and tsunami, through our matching donations challenge, Global Basecamps helped raise money that was donated to the Real Medicine Foundation's Japan relief fund. Approximately 150,000 people affected by the earthquake have been reached through the efforts of the Real Medicine Foundation, with the primary beneficiaries being the evacuees at shelters in Ishinomaki city, evacuees located in their own house without food, and elderly persons at nursery houses. Planned future activities include a temporary shelter project, rubble clearance by local companies as revival of local business, and a community kitchen.

Tiger Mountain Community Outreach

Tiger Mountain Tiger Mountain Properties, our in country partner in Nepal, supports a wide range of charitable organizations, in addition to creating their own community projects. These projects tend to focus on health, education, and the environment. Global Basecamps is happy to be contributing to the Tiger Mountain Properties’ school programs. The Tiger Tops Swissair Pre-School, located in Katmandu, Nepal, is now in its 15th year. The school was created for underprivileged children unable to afford government school fees. They also fund the children’s health care. With the support of guests and friends, Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge continues to be able to assist many more children than their Tiger Tops Swissair Pre-School can accommodate. Tharu Lodge has been able to assist in providing 5 teacher’s salaries in 3 community schools, as the schools were unable to pay the teachers. These schools also help provide education for children unable to afford government schooling. If not for these schools, many of the children probably would never have received any education. All 3 of these local schools have now been registered with the government.


Additionally, we are proud to be members of and support the following organizations:

International Mountain Explorers Connection (IMEC)

The International Mountain Explorers Connection is a U.S. based 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote responsible and sustainable connections between travelers and the people of developing mountain regions of the world. As a partner of this program Global Basecamps is supporting their Porters Assistance Project.

The International Ecotourism Society (T.I.E.S.)

T.I.E.S. The International Ecotourism Society supports the creation of an international standard of guidelines set forth to ensure that the goals of sustainable tourism are met. The product choices reflect this commitment and we seek out vendor partners who integrate environmental and socially responsible principles into practice.

Sustainable Travel International (STI)

STI Sustainable Travel International is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing education and services that help travelers and travel providers support environmental conservation and cultural heritage protection through greater cultural understanding and economic development.

Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)

ATTA The Adventure Travel Trade Association is a global membership organization for sustainability advocates dedicated to protecting the people and places we visit. Through our membership, we assist in advancing responsible and sustainable adventure travel practices.

The Association for the Promotion of Tourism to Africa (APTA)

APTA The goal and purpose of APTA is to promote tourism to the continent of Africa and its Islands. APTA will seek to improve tourism to Africa through the education of its members.