Meet the Team

We come from a variety of backgrounds ranging from ecology, marketing, technology to sales, but we share a passion for sustainable and responsible travel and a common sense of awe at the world around us.


Cruising in Vietnam

Meagan Yash

Sales Manager

Meagan's love for travel began in college when she had the incredible opportunity to take a semester off from Santa Clara University to explore Bhutan. She then spent the next couple of years exploring the world; in search of enlightenment, adventure, and Irish pubs. In 2005, Meagan decided to go back to school for her Masters in International Development and Economics in order to combine her life's two passions - travel and sustainable development in growing economies. After graduating Meagan was drawn to Global Basecamps' passion for travel and vision of the role of tourism in sustainable development. She has spent the last six years providing each and every one of her clients with unique and profound travel experiences.

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Finding peace in Thailand

Lauren Hoffman

Travel Specialist

After a summer study abroad program at Oxford University, and a few months exploring the European continent, Lauren returned to San Diego State University to complete her BA in International Security and Conflict Resolution. She focused the majority of her time studying the environmental and social impacts of an every growing global economy. After taking a course in sustainable tourism management, she realized how she could channel her passions into a career. Since joining Global Basecamps in 2010, she has expanded her travel portfolio, taking the opportunities to explore South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Her top 3 highlights include: hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration while on safari in Tanzania, and riding an elephant bare back through the jungle of Chiang Mai, Thailand. At Global Basecamps, Lauren is responsible for creating customized travel experiences for clients traveling to Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and more.

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Hiking in Peru

Richard Rowley

Travel Specialist

Richard has had a passion for traveling all his life. Born in Austria and extensively traveling through Europe as a child has helped establish a travel minded lifestyle. To pursue his passion to experience the world and its many cultures he studied international business with an emphasis in Latin America at San Diego State University. During his studies he had the opportunity to study in Buenos Aires, Argentina and work in sustainability in Cusco, Peru. Experiencing South America has influenced him to become more conscious of the importance of sustainability and responsible tourism around the world. At Global Basecamps he assists the team in building customized itineraries allowing others to experience the world as well.

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Exploring Zao-san in Northern Japan

Laura Hagler

Travel Specailist

Laura grew up in Missouri counting the days till she could set off and see the world. After jumping at the chance to study abroad in the UK and travel through Europe and Africa, she returned to Florida Atlantic University to complete her Sculpture degree. Following her interest in Asian Art and heeding her ever growing wanderlust, she moved to rural Japan to live and work for the next five years. A passion for road tripping and mountains led her to explore and hike her way through the hidden corners of Japan, obsessing over museums, temples, and dodging the occasional monkey. Living in Asia was a dream come true and allowed her to dive with sharks in Sipadan, taste the finest street food in Yangon, celebrate New Years on the banks of the Ganga, and trade recipes with the local grandmas in Japan's onsen. She loves to help her clients soak up the unique culture of the countries they visit. Talk to Laura about travel to Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania and more.

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Enjoying the Mekong

Laura Roundy

Travel Specialist

Laura's love of adventure began by climbing trees in New England and reading her grandmother's subscription to National Geographic magazine. She then lived in the cosmopolitan melting pot of Montreal while pursuing a degree in Literature and Cultural Studies. Post college found her living abroad in Costa Rica for 6 months during a volunteer internship and language immersion program with a local development group. Laura then embarked on a one-year backpacking trip that took her all over Nepal, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. She even worked as a roadie for a travelling musical production to extend her stay Down Under, before returning to the States to settle down on the West Coast in the San Francisco Bay Area. After brief stints working in academia and Silicon Valley, Laura began her adventure travel career ten years ago and never looked back. She truly enjoys working with clients to develop their ideal trip and is passionate about tourism that gives back to local communities and conservation efforts. Talk to Laura for help in planning trips to Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, and more.

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Jim Caceres

Jim Caceres

Travel Specialist

Jim was born in Lima, Peru and moved to New York when he was three. His first exposure to independent travel was when his parents sent him to visit his grandmother in Lima when he was 19. After two days at grandma’s house, he was so bored that he jumped on a bus to Huaraz in the Cordera Blanca. That trip was his first taste of independent travel. After college, he backpacked through Europe and lived in Barcelona for nearly three years. His wanderlust continued, taking him on two round-the-world trips, with the most recent spanning all of 2013. Jim uses his first-hand experience to help his clients take in the sites and culture of the countries they visit. Talk to Jim about travel to South America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, and more.

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Strolling through Peru

Elias Garcia

Marketing Specialist

Elias's passion lies in communicating within and between cultures. Born to Mexican immigrants in San Diego, he was raised halfway between the States and Mexico and had the opportunity to travel across both countries extensively. While earning his B.A. in Public Relations at Pepperdine University, he had the opportunity to live in Florence, Italy for five months. During this time and other travels, he has walked and talked in countries across five continents (he's coming for you Australia & Antartica). At Global Basecamps, Elias manages marketing efforts from writing, designing, and product managing, to party planning. He's coincidentally also Global Basecamps' Travel Insurance Specialist, and he's happy to answer questions on travel insurance in between blog posts.

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Exploring the Arenal Volcano

Dan Taukinukufili

Product Specialist

Dan's path isn't quite as interesting as his last name, but it's close. Stuck in a rut in the Bay Area, he chose to quit his career and travel the world. With money saved, he traveled across the US, Europe and Central America commissioning friends, strangers and anyone who could provide a lift or helping hand. Enlightened by his experience, he landed a position working for a famous boutique fishing resort in Baja, Mexico and became reunited with his Tongan ancestry's love of fishing and the ocean. These days you can find him creating fully customized itineraries at Global Basecamps or paddleboarding in Encinitas. He holds a degree in Sociology from UCSC.


Colombian Highlands

Michael D'Amico


Michael D’Amico has held sales, operations and management positions in the Hospitality and Retail Sales Industries for almost two decades. He is responsible for creating the Global Basecamps operating systems, drawing budgets, managing staff and resolving issues. Mike has traveled around the world with his wife, Casey, and looks forward to showing his daughter, Olivia, and son, Leo, how beautiful the world is. Michael also demonstrates his passion for international community outreach by sitting on the board of Kids for Peace.

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Next stop Aguas Calientes

Sebastian Riedel


Sebastian Riedel has more than a 15 years of experience in software development, database management and travel information systems. Prior to working in the software and travel industries, Sebastian developed his passion for the environment and sustainability while studying Environmental Science and Ecology during undergrad and graduate school. At Global Basecamps, Sebastian wears many hats and has his hands in everything from technology to marketing. Sebastian also participates in a guest lecture for San Diego State University's course in Global Sustainable Tourism Management.

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