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Tanzania Sunset

If your primary reason for traveling to Africa is to experience an abundance of African wildlife in unspoiled wilderness, Tanzania should be your destination of choice. A wildlife safari is just one reason to visit this beautiful country. For the more adventurous, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro is the highlight of their Tanzanian experience. Hiking through the rolling hills of the Ngorongoro Highlands or up the active Oldonyo Lengai, rising out of the Great Rift Valley, provide more intimate experiences with the land and people. Tanzania truly is a dream holiday destination that welcomes visitors from its highest peaks to its deepest lake, from its endless plains to its clear blue waters. Vast numbers of herd animals, predators and bands of apes coupled with the country’s dedication to preservation make Tanzania the optimal choice in Africa.

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Big Cat Photography with Raymond Barlow - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Big Cat Photography with Raymond Barlow
Photo safari with widlife photographer Raymond...
Kilimanjaro Machame Trek - Arusha, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro Machame Trek
Best Route to Summit
National Park Safari  - Arusha, Tanzania
National Park Safari
8-Day Set Departure Group Safari
Peak Views to Plains Tanzania - Deluxe - Ngorongoro, Tanzania
Peak Views to Plains Tanzania - Deluxe
We designed our Peak Views to Plains...
Tanzania Explorer  - Arusha, Tanzania
Tanzania Explorer
Affordable Small Group Safari Option
Tanzania Photography with Raymond Barlow - Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Tanzania Photography with Raymond Barlow
Photo safari through Tanzania!
Tribal Tales Tanzania - Classic - Arusha, Tanzania
Tribal Tales Tanzania - Classic
Discover the incredible tribal cultures of...
Unique Highlights Tanzania - Classic  - Serengeti, Tanzania
Unique Highlights Tanzania - Classic
If you only have a week in Tanzania and you...
Unique Highlights Tanzania - Deluxe - Serengeti, Tanzania
Unique Highlights Tanzania - Deluxe
If you’re looking for the ultimate Tanzania...
Unique Highlights Tanzania - Luxury - Serengeti, Tanzania
Unique Highlights Tanzania - Luxury
If you’re looking for the ultimate Tanzania...

Highlights of Tanzania

Tanzania Safari

Northern Circuit Safari

The Tanzania Northern Circuit Safari is the perfect way to experience the best of Tanzania's northern parks with visits to the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Lake Manyara. The mere mention of the word ‘Serengeti’ conjures up images of amazing African wildlife wandering endless, treeless plains, whereas Lake Manyara is dramatically bordered by the sheer wall of the Rift Valley on one side and the shores of the lake on the other. This private guided safari not only visits three of the country's national parks and travels through some of the most important wildlife conservation areas in the world but is also operated by local Maasai cooperatives and places heavy emphasis on cultural interaction with local villages and communities.
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro Trekking

Climbing to the 'rooftop of Africa' is a highlight of any visit to Tanzania and can be achieved by seasoned trekkers to reasonably fit first-timers. Its beautiful and diverse ecosystems are surpassed only by the breathtaking views from the summit. Whether trekking with local porters who have been born and raised in the shadow of Kilimanjaro or navigating your way from village to village in the highlands with loaded donkeys, trekking and hiking in Tanzania is a challenge to cherish – a ‘must do’ life experience. Choose from the Machame Route, the second most popular route to Kibo and a beautifully scenic route commencing with rain forests and the dry area of Shira Plateau or The Rongai Route, a remote, dry route and also one of the least crowded routes.
Wildebeest Migration, Tanzania

The Great Wildebeest Migration

Our Wildebeest Migration Safaris are incredible roving safaris that follow the path of the hundreds of thousands of wildebeest on their annual migration through the northern reaches of Serengeti National Park and across the Mara River into Kenya. We've chosen beautiful small tented camps in remote regions of the Greater Serengeti Ecosystem to ensure that every day is filled with as much prime game viewing as possible and you will also have a chance to visit several of Tanzania's other famous parks including Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. All of our safaris also spend a considerable amount of time in local Maasai communities giving you a complete understanding of what life in this incredible area is truly like.
Beaches, Zanzibar

Enchanting Zanzibar

For a thousand years, Zanzibar was one of the world's crossroads of trade with Europeans, Persians, and Arabs attracted to its exotic exports. Stone Town, as Zanzibar Town is commonly called, is an exotic world completely different from mainland Tanzania. The town's architecture is a testimony to the cultural heritage of gold, ivory, and cloth trade that allowed merchants from around the Indian Ocean to accrue great wealth and build the signature high stone buildings of Stone Town. An escape to the beaches reveals even more of the soul of Zanzibar. Soft bleached sands and cool turquoise waters coupled with spectacular sunsets is the pinnacle of a Tanzanian adventure.

Destination Information

  • Arusha is located about an hour away from Mount Kilimanjaro Airport and is the gateway to wildlife parks of the Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge, and Serengeti National Park.
  • Criss-crossed with forested valleys, the Serengeti plays home to millions of Africa’s large mammals, making this one of the world’s famous wildlife destinations.
  • Ngorongoro is a collapsed volcano creating an incredible natural amphitheatre 25 km across and teeming with all of the African big game.
  • The archaeological site of the Olduvai Gorge is a great opportunity to see where early human tools and fossils have been found.
  • Within the Maasai Heartlands lies the village called Esilalei (Toothbrush Tree) which is located in the wildlife corridor in between Tarangire and Lake Manyara and is exclusive to us. No other tour operator is allowed to visit the village allowing a unique experience with the locals. While there you can visit the local school and bring much needed school supplies for the children. We work hand in hand with Pack for a Purpose to bring supplies to the people that need them the most.
  • At Lake Eyasi you are able to interact with the Hadzabe/Datoga tribes and exchange cultural norms and customs.
  • Tarangire is home to an array of wildlife here you'll have the unique opportunity to view animal behaviors and natural habitats.
  • Experience the magnificent birdlife and herd animals that Lake Manyara has to offer. From a flash of pink flamingoes on the horizon to bull elephants at close range, this park showcases a superb variety of mammal life and birdlife alike.
  • The Mahale Mountains are home to one of the largest populations of chimpanzees in Africa. In addition to chimp tracking there will be opportunities to swim, fish in the lake, kayak or just head up to one of the amazing waterfall pools in a quiet corner of the forest.
  • For a thousand years, Zanzibar was one of the world's crossroads of trade, with Europeans, Persians and Arabs attracted to its exotic exports. Stone Town, as Zanzibar Town is commonly called, is an exotic world, completely different from mainland Tanzania.

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