Travel 101 - Passports and Visas

Travel Documents

Obtaining certain travel documents is a necessity for international travel. The requirement of a passport for crossing international borders is not a new concept, however many countries also require additional visas and/or other government permits in order to enter their country as well as dictate the amount of time allowed to travel within the country . Such travel documents require a great deal of information, including a valid passport, a completed application, an application and/or visa fee, extra passport-size photographs and proof of onward or return travel per applicant. Any necessary travel documents can be acquired from relative government representatives, visa services or travel agents and can take several weeks to obtain, so it is imperative to plan ahead and obtain any necessary travel documents prior to departure.

Expedite Visa Application

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Travel Restrictions

Some countries also have internal travel restrictions, requiring specific permits. This is generally restricted to hostile or military zones, but in some countries hostile zones are often arbitrary. So once again it is important to research each country’s rules and regulations in advance, especially if you are planning on traveling to remote destinations and/or participating in recreational activities or aid efforts.