Project: Teacher's Office at Matimu Primary School

Where the office will go... First bricks arrive... Foundation stones arrive... Construction begins...

Project Name: Matimu Primary School Teacher’s Office

Community Need: Le Manyatta & Matimu Primary Schools are located approximately 20km north of Arusha, Tanzania in a Maasai village called Le Manyatta (meaning ‘protected place’ in the Maa language). They are schools that were built approximately thirty years ago by the Tanzanian government, beginning as three mud classrooms. Today the government still continues to fund the school irregularly (mainly just the primary school teachers’ wages), but in the last three decades has managed to add another three classrooms to the school. The current enrollment is over 1,200 primary school students and 250 nursery school students.

Teachers at the primary school in Le Manyatta village lack a space to meet. The head teacher’s office is tiny, and the lack of a proper teacher’s lounge/office limits the staff’s ability to get together. So far, teachers have used occupied classrooms for this task, but those buildings are needed to reduce class size! Traditionally, a faculty lounge or meeting room has served as a place for teachers to exchange ideas with each other, which is a vital part of a teacher's continued education. Adding this facility will make students' lives better by way of their teachers.

Project Objective: Brick structure will be constructed to meet the teacher staff’s needs for a place to meet.

Project Status: Completed

Project Start Date: November 15th, 2013

Project End Date: March, 2014

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Construction continues... Nearly done... From inside... Phase 1 complete!