Wilderness Basecamp

Canopy Lodge

Soberan, Panama

Prices From: $125

Awaken to a tropical chorus of motmots, toucans, and fruitcrows. Your bedroom is at treetop level, no more than 40 feet from the birds. In the cool Panamanian dawn you can feel Panamá's great rainforest awakening around you. Blue Cotingas and Green Shrike-Vireos, birds normally glimpsed high in the tops of trees, perch right outside your Canopy Tower room.

Up a flight of stairs in the dining room, a cup of coffee and rolls await you. Settle down at a table next to the window. Above the endless tropical forest of Soberanía National Park, a ship glides through the Panamá Canal. The hooting of a distant troupe of monkeys punctuates the birdcalls. You keep your field guide open on the table in front of you beside your rolls and fresh orange juice. In complete comfort, you greet the morning sun. Nothing obstructs your view. Through the unscreened open window, nature carries on its morning business.


Region: Central America



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General Information

The following rooms are available:

  • Single Rooms
  • Canopy Rooms
  • Harpy Eagle Suites
  • Blue Cotinga Suite

    Cancellation Policies

    If cancellation is received between 30 and 15 days from arrival 50% of the payment is refunded. If cancellation is received less than 15 days from arrival the entire payment is forfeited.

    Note: In the High Season (Dec 15 to April 15) if cancellation is received between 60 and 30 days from arrival 50% is refunded. If cancellation is received less than 30 days from arrival the entire payment is forfeited.

    We recommend you purchase trip insurance to avoid losing your payment in case you have to cancel the trip.