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Basecamp Swalihina

Lamu Island, Kenya

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Swalihina is a traditional dhow, 56 feet long and 18 feet wide - your Basecamp when you enjoy luxurious sailing in the Indian Ocean

A few years ago a beautiful old dhow, the Swalihina, was bound for destruction. It now sails the coast of Lamu, bringing Basecamp guests to its traditional waters and culture. This is the result of a successful “Tourism for Development” project, run by the Basecamp Explorer partnership with the National Museum of Kenya, the Nordic World Heritage Foundation (UNESCO), and the Stroemme Foundation. Together we have started and now run a dhow construction and restoration school on Lamu, employing local craftsmen and training local youth. The school generates income and preserves traditional skills. Our goal is to have the school create a fleet of dhows, manned with local crews, and to make dhow sailing programs a sustainable tourism product for the international market. The project also supports cultural exchange, by hosting traditional boat builders from abroad, and inviting partners to join and contribute – the sails are for example provided by Elvstrøm in Denmark.


Region: Africa - Eastern and Southern

Nearest Airport: NBO

Lamu Island


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