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Nile River, Egypt

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On this extended adventure in Egypt, you will have the opportunity to experience classic Egyptian bazaars, cafes and attractions, and also less-known areas such as the island of Agilika and West Thebes. The Colossi of Memnon and the Deir-el-Medineh burial grounds will truly show you the culture of ancient Egypt and and optional hot air balloon ride will show you a rarely-seen view of West Thebes' beauty and monuments. Traditional music and food paired with tours of various temples will present you with rich, in-depth views of Egyptian culture.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - Cairo Arrival

A representative will meet you at the Cairo International Airport and assist you to your hotel in Cairo.

Day 2 - Saqqara - Giza

After breakfast at your hotel, you'll begin your full day of sightseeing in Saqqara, an ancient Egyptian burial gount housing the world's oldest standing stone structure: the Step Pyramid. Your further exploration of Dahshur will introduce you too the Bent and Red Pyramids, as well as the Pyramids of Giza after a traditional Egyptian lunch. A camel ride to the Giza Plateau will encompass highlights such as the Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum, housing a 4,500 year old boat.

Day 3 - Cairo

You will see 5,000 years of Egyptian history at the Cairo Egyptian Museum, including the Hanging Church and Ben Ezra Synagogue. Accompany an Egyptian family for a home-cooked dinner and lively conversation.

Day 4 - Cairo - Al-Mu'izz Street

Cairo's Islamic quarters are open to you, including the Citadel of Saladin, the Alabaster Mosque of Mohammed Ali Pasha, and Al-Mu'izz Street with its maze of Mosques, schools, houses, water fountains and trade complexes. Your tour will end at Khan-el-Khalili Bazaar, where you can have a light Egyptian lunch and barter with vendors. A lecture on Egyptian habits and Islam will also further your knowledge of the culture.

Day 5 - Nubia - Aswan

After breakfast, you'll transfer onto a domestic flight to Abu-simbel in Nubia where you will explore the temples of Rameses II and Nefertari. Fill your afternoon with a sailboat trip around the Elephantine Island at Aswan and dine at a Nubian restaurant for dinner.

Day 6 - Agilika - Nile Cruise

Enjoy a trip to the romantic island of Agilika and the beautiful Temple of Isis before you embark on your Nile cruise. End your day with a horse-drawn carriage ride around the city of Aswan.

Day 7 - Kom Ombo - Edfu

Venture North toward the Temple of the Crocodile God Sobek and travel to Edfu to visit the Temple Horus; the best-preserved temple in Egypt. Finish your day with exploration of Esna Lock to Luxor.

Day 8 - West Thebes

An early trip to West Thebes will include exploration of the Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Deir-el-Bahari, Deir-el-Medineh and the Colossi of Memnon. You'll be served lunch on the cruise and can enjoy a stroll through the market of Luxor in the afternoon.

Day 9 - West Thebes - Temple of Luxor

An optional Hot-Air Balloon ride over West Thebes offers a unique view of the monuments and city life. East Thebes, including the Temples of Karank and Luxor, are open to you after lunch, prior to your transfer to a Luxor hotel, which offers a spectacular view of the Temple of Luxor.

Day 10 - Dendara - Abydos

A full-day trip to the Temple of Hathor at Dendara, including transfer in an airconditioned vehicle, will take you to the Temple of Seti I in Abydos as well.

Day 11 - Cairo

Hop on your domestic flight to Cairo and check into your hotel. A sensational dinner will be accompanied by Egyptian music at an Arabian style restaurant in the heart of Khan-el-Khalili Bazaar.

Day 12 - Cairo Departure

Check out after breakfast and transfer to the airport for your departure.


Region: Middle East

Nile River


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General Information


  • Visit an ancient Egyptian burial ground housing the world's oldest standing stone structure The Step and Bent Pyramids.
  • Discover Egyptian history at the Cairo Egyptian Museum.
  • Experience true culture while enjoying a home-cooked dinner with an Egyptian family.
  • Take an enchanting camel ride to the Giza Plateau will encompass highlights such as the Sphinx and the Solar Boat Museum.
  • Explore Cairo's Islamic quarters with its maze of Mosques, schools, houses.
  • Enjoy a trip to the romantic island of Agilika and the beautiful Temple of Isis before you embark on your Nile cruise.
  • Experience the magical Temple of Hathor at Dendara.
  • Prices Starting From $3177 per person.(based on double occupancy)

Prices include:

  • Three days tours in Cairo including lunch.
  • One day tour visit Dendara and Abydos.
  • One day tour visit Abu Simbel including Domestic flight.
  • Domestic flight ticket (Cairo/Aswan - Luxor/Cairo).
  • Entrance fees of the monumental sites mentioned at the program.
  • All transfers during the program at Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan.
  • Hand-selected accommodations - boutique urban hotels and unique lodging options.
  • A licensed, well-trained, English-speaking guide, who visits the clients the evening before departure to explain the trek and answer any questions.