Urban Basecamp

Urbn Shanghai

Shanghai, China

Prices From: $175 - $300

URBN Hotels' & Resorts is a specialized boutique hotel and resort company based in Shanghai, China. Its focus is to immerse travelers into their surroundings, beyond offering a traditional hotel experience. Localized extra services such as tai chi and yoga classes, in-room beauty and traditional health treatments, unique bike and walking tours, Chinese cooking classes and basic Mandarin Chinese lessons are available to enhance every stay.

URBN Hotels, Shanghai is set in a vibrant hub of local activity tucked amidst shops, restaurants, colonial lane houses and the famous former French Concession. Conveniently located two blocks away from Nanjing Road – Shanghai's premium shopping, entertainment, and business district - URBN's mission is to embrace the surrounding city and embody its culture.

We have created a sense of place that reflects the past, present and future of the city. Old Shanghai is reveled in walls of original brick, floors of reused indigenous wood and an array of traditional Chinese services. In parallel, the contemporary design and amenities draw in the energy of a younger, modern Shanghai.

Our goal, beyond providing you with the most comfortable and pleasurable stay possible, is to connect you to the heart of urban Shanghai. A city is more than a tourist destination – it is a place with unique character waiting to be discovered. Whether for business or leisure, URBN offers an unforgettable boutique hotel experience in Shanghai.


Region: Asia - North and East



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