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Luxury Namibia Tours Tailored to You

Endless, beautiful deserts blend dramatically into the Atlantic Ocean, creating some of the world’s most unique, windswept coasts and habitats for Africa’s animals. The result is an explorer's paradise, littered with the world's most unique, adaptable species of large game. Dotting this landscape, in secluded regions reachable only by small plane, are luxury safari camps reserved for the most intrepid travelers. Those willing to explore the farthest corners are rewarded with the best Namibia has to offer.

Sample Tours

**All of our tours can be customized to match your specific travel priorities and dates.

Ultimate Namibia Group Safari 2019 (10 days)

Join a small group of like-minded travelers accompanied by an experienced safari guide, who will enhance every aspect of the adventure.
Adventure Classic Highlights Cultural Luxury Off the Beaten Path Safari Shared Departure Active

Ultimate Namibia Fly-in & Private Guided Safari (9 days)

This Luxury Namibia Fly-in and Private Guided Safari affords you the chance to experience this magnificent and memorable country in a very personal way.
Adventure Cultural Luxury Off the Beaten Path Safari Wildlife Active

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Highlights of Namibia

Extreme Landscapes

Extreme Landscapes

Namibia's landscapes have been witness to shifting oceans, and millennia of tough, hot winds. The results today are extreme. Immense canyons, the driest deserts, dunes hundreds of feet tall, and foggy coasts littered with centuries-old ship wrecks. This country should be seen from the air on private flights as much as possible, as well as by car, hand glider, parachute, and any other form of transportation.

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Luxury Getaways

Luxury Getaways

In the farthest corners of this immense country, hidden behind a river bend, or over a sand dune, are luxury wilderness camps. Built seamlessly into the landscapes, these camps respect their environment while providing world class hospitality in the most surprising places. One wouldn't expect to find the amenities of a city hotel in the middle of the Kalahari Desert, but there they are, just a short flight away, waiting for you.

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