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With a culture as singular and deep as Morocco's, there really is only one way to explore the country. With Global Basecamps, enjoy the company of a private guide, your ambassador to Morocco's food, people, cities and history. Along the way, stay in luxurious accommodations (kasbahs and riads) that beautifully reflect the Berber and Arab cultures that share the region.

Highlights of Morocco

Private Touring

At Global Basecamps, we will match you with one of our in-country ambassadors. These professional tour guides will act as hosts, introducing you to their country, their food, their history, and even their own homes. The history of Morocco is varied and complex, and joining a group tour simply does not do it justice. A guide that can answer your questions and offer a personal touch is absolutely necessary.

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Luxury Accommodations

Peppered across the mountains, deserts, and beaches of Morocco are exclusive properties. These accommodations mix the kasbah and riad tradition with modern, chic designs. Morocco used to be a haven for backpackers escaping modern life. While those backpackers still exist, there is also space here for travelers seeking a more refined experience.

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Ancient Cultures

Since civilization grew out of Africa and Europe, Morocco has served as a melting pot for all cultures. Within these deserts, one can find Greek and Roman ruins, Spanish culinary artifacts, modern French lifestyles, and Berber villages. These cultures have melded, and the result is uniquely Moroccan.

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**All of our tours can be customized to match your specific travel priorities and dates.

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