Travel 101 - When to Travel

Seasonality and Climate

  • When choosing your destination and travel dates, it is not only necessary to research the weather and climate patterns of your preferred destination, but it is also important to research the variation of climate within the country.
  • When planning your journey it is important to take into consideration what type of activities you may want to undertake. Such planning is crucial for skiing, trekking, rafting, sailing and in some cases, even sun-bathing.

Holidays and Festivals

  • Holidays and festivals offer incredible insights into local cultures and traditions. Participation in these festivities can greatly enhance your travel experience. However, they can also cause disruptions due to local travel congestion, closed businesses, etc. So just be sure to do your research and plan accordingly.

Peak and Off-Peak Travel Seasons

  • In accordance with weather and climate patterns, there are tourism seasons. Although the reasoning behind what constitutes a specific country’s peak and off-peak travel seasons may differ, their potential to impact your travel experience is profound and very real. Therefore it is very important to research your destination’s travel seasons in advance and plan accordingly.
  • Benefits and Drawbacks: Travel during the off-peak season is usually a much more rewarding experience; offering cheaper prices, less crowds and a more authentic travel experience. However, just as tourism seasons vary per destination, so do their reasoning. For instance, many European countries attract hoards of tourists during the summer holiday months, while the rest of the year is generally much less crowded and usually has even better weather conditions than during the peak season. In places such as India and Thailand, the travel seasons are usually determined by natural occurrences, such as extreme temperatures, floods and monsoons. Although experiencing an Indian monsoon can be quite an awesome experience, it can also put a damper on dreams of a sun-drenched beach vacation.