Preparing for your Trip

Preparing for a trip can be stressful, between researching, navigating through airports, and applying for visas; trip preparation can be a major hassle of planning your vacation. We’ve compiled a list of websites we hope you’ll find useful in easing your trip preparations.

Destination Information

AirWise: Visit AirWise for airport guides, airline information, and flight arrivals. For information on telephone country codes, city codes, and electrical outlet details click on country names. The Weather Channel provides national and local weather forecasts. Weather Spark provides weather graphs and maps making in-depth weather information easily accessible.

The World Clock: The World Clock shows current local time in cities and countries in all time zones. Tipping rules vary by country, by region, and by scenario. Use this tipping guide for information on appropriate tipping around the world.

XE-Universal Currency Converter: Know the exchange rates of the country you'll be traveling too.

Travel Etiquette: Learn local customs and traditions from around the world.


World Health Organization: Use the International Travel and Health Interactive map to get information about the country situation with respect to yellow fever vaccination requirements and recommendations and malaria risk and prevention.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention:The CDC provides information on health-related matters and vaccinations.


Travel.State.Gov: Within these pages you will find information on visa requirements, international travel information, and more. (for US citizens)

US Passport Service: Extensive step-by-step instructions, information and US passport application forms online.

CIBT Visa Service: Expedited visa application and delivery service.

Traveling with Children Read the top 5 family travel tips from

Travel for Kids: Travel for kids combines fun things to do with practical tips for traveling with kids all over the world.

City Guides

TimeOut: This website is your guide to what's happening in some of the most exciting cities in the world.

WhatsOnWhen: Use Frommer’s world wide events guide to decide when you want to be in certain destinations.


OneBag: Break the over packing habit with tips from OneBag, and learn to travel with one carry on sized bag.

The Universal Packing List: Generate a custom packing list for any journey.

Luggage Limits: Luggage Limits gives detailed baggage allowance information on all routes and ticket classes for over 100 airlines.

Things to do Before you Leave Home

Mail Suspension Form: Should you be traveling for a long period of time be sure to stop the mail for the time you are gone.

Before traveling abroad, call your credit card company. Many credit card companies have identity protection plans in place to help protect travelers from theft and fraud. Travelers should contact their credit card companies before traveling to ensure the card will work in another destination.

Travel Insurance

There are three general types of travel insurance to consider: trip cancellation insurance, travel health insurance and emergency evacuation insurance. While it is preferable to cover all your bases and purchase a travel insurance plan that includes all three types, Global Basecamps strongly advises obtaining the trip cancellation and medical evacuation insurance. For more information on travel insurance contact your travel specialist.

For some additional information and first hand accounts of travel to specific regions, read travel blogs. Some of our favorites can be found on our blog roll.