Travel 101 - Independent Travel

Why independent travel?

People travel for various reasons; for some, traveling is a means of escape and for others, discovery. Some travel to quiet the mind and body while others travel to challenge themselves, to test their physical and mental abilities. However, most travelers share a few common desires that motivate us on our respective journeys: the quest for adventure and a great appreciation for other cultures and traditions. Independent travel optimizes the opportunities for adventure and unique travel experiences. How? Flexibility.

  • The Perfect Trip

    Independent travel gives you the ability to build your own "Perfect Trip", based on your personal travel intentions, time restrictions and monetary budgets. From wine-tasting to mountain-climbing, independent travel gives you the freedom to create a personalized itinerary, incorporating your own interests and hobbies. Whereas, group travel tours follow common itineraries, where destinations, activities and accommodations are arranged in advance, greatly restricting the ability to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities and adventures, as well as limiting interactions with local people.

  • Expect the Unexpected

    Traveling independently provides you with the flexibility to be spontaneous and open to whatever may come your way, for it is always the unexpected adventures that end up being the most memorable travel experiences. Some people say that traveling is a mindset, that is because one of the best things about traveling is not knowing what tomorrow will bring. Independent travel nurtures this idea of relinquishing control and living for the moment, offering you opportunity to take advantage of the unexpected. Whether this means allowing for the time and flexibility to alter destination or accommodation plans en route or simply having the ability to accept an invitation to participate in a local festivity, the basic freedom to choose in-and-of itself promises to greatly enhance, if not define, your travel experience.

  • Cultural Awareness

    If you are receptive, traveling has the ability to open your eyes and expand your mind. Independent travel promotes learning and acceptance by offering a greater opportunity for direct and intimate interactions with local populations, leading to a greater understanding of their history, culture and traditions. Such experiences have life-altering capabilities, generating a greater sense of awareness, understanding and compassion.


There is no way around it; traveling costs money: from accommodation to physical travel costs with everything from dining to recreational expenses in between. However, independent travel allows the traveler to incorporate their own personal preferences when choosing how to spend their money, thereby optimizing costs in order to maximize the travel experience. Once again, the key concept is choice. Unlike structured group tours, independent travel provides the traveler the freedom to build their own itinerary based on personal budget and time limitations, as well as personal preferences.


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