Thailand TravelThailand Travel
Thailand TravelThailand Travel
Where to start? There is something about Thailand that is undeniably enticing; the balmy, tropical weather creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, the aromas engulf your senses, the local people are charming and welcoming and the cuisine is simply delicious. However, all of these alluring qualities pale in comparison to Thailand's natural beauty and cultural attributes. Thailand's natural landscape is diverse and the opportunities to experience it's unique treasures are endless; trek to tribal villages and waterfalls amidst old teak forests in Northern Thailand, scuba dive world-renowned coral reefs in Southern Thailand and explore the tropical landscapes and beaches of the many islands by motorbike. Although the beaches of Southern Thailand and the scenic mountainous villages of Northern Thailand are difficult to leave, a trip to Thailand is not complete without a visit to the bustling city of Bangkok, where the country's 21st Century present exists harmoniously with the traditions of it's past.

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