Romania TravelRomania Travel
Romania TravelRomania Travel
Conjuring images of imposing castles, dramatic mountains and impenetrable forests, Romania's diverse natural beauty, cultural treasures and historical attractions often get overshadowed by the eerie legend of Dracula. Travelers will be amazed by the immense scope of attractions and activities that Romania has to offer. From the majestic Carpathian Mountains to the sun-drenched beaches on the Black Sea Coast, with everything from the Danube Delta to the spectacular Fagaras and Retezat mountain lakes in-between, Romania's diverse landscape is a coveted destination for recreational and nature enthusiasts alike offering incredible opportunities to ski, hike, cycle, sail and view wildlife. Furthermore, Romania's scenic countryside is scattered with fairytale castles, painted monasteries, medieval cities and picturesque rural villages promising to captivate all those who travel to this legendary, yet relatively undiscovered Balkan gem.

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