Nepal TravelNepal Travel
Nepal TravelNepal Travel
Nepal is arguably the world's premier adventure travel destination. Just as the Nepali and Tibetan people revere the Himalayas for their spiritual significance, avid travelers continue to make pilgrimage to these captivating mountains for their magnificent beauty and countless options for adventure and exploration. Although famous as the home of Mt. Everest, with nearly 80% of the country residing in the Himalayas, Nepal's trekking opportunities are endless. Spectacular rivers wind their way down from the great snow-capped peaks, offering some of the best river rafting and kayaking opportunities in the world. However, in a country renowned for its mountains, the lush Terai region in the south is a dramatic contrast to the wind-blown Himalayan foothills. The vast Royal Chitwan National Park is home to a plethora of exotic wildlife and tribal villages, which can be explored by foot, boat or elephant. The ancient cities of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur contain a great array of traditional architecture and holy temples, offering the visitor a glimpse of traditional Nepalese culture. Wherever your wanderings make take you, you cannot escape the generous spirit of the Nepali people and the mystical allure of their country.

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