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Hotel Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Prices From: $60

The architecture of Hotel Mongolia, which is located in a picturesque valley on the banks of river Tuul, about 25 kilometers outside the capital Ulaanbaatar, is traditional and meant to invoke the serenity of a Mongolian monastary. Guests enter the hotel grounds through the Northern main gate and arrive in a spectacular lobby with high ceilings and red brick walls, a representation of the "Forbidden City".

The handmade and carved wooden moldings, doors and furniture are excellent examples of Mongolian craftsmanship and can be found throughout the grounds.

There are sevel accomodation types all based on traditional Mongolian architecture. The traditional Gers are situated in the Western part of the hotel grounds with a stunning view of the mountains. All gers are beautifully and comfortably furnished and each ger has a private bath with shower.

In addition to the traditional gers there are stone gers, round buildings built brick on brick which due resemble the typical Mongolian yurt but are more permanent structures. The rooms are large and very comfortable with a private bath with all the amenities, satelite TV, telephone and mini bar.

The interior rooms of the property are located in six massive buildings which display beautiful temple images throughout. The interior of the rooms is very similar to the Stone Gers.

The hotel restaurant is located in a free standing building on the hotel premises designed to look like an ancient temple pagoda. With its high ceilings, very spacious floor layout and panoramic windows each meal is eaten with the majesty of the landscape at center stage.

The location is magical and the rooms very comfortable. The hotel is only a short distance from the capital city of Ulaan Bataar and is the perfect base for staging long excursions into the countryside.


Region: Asia - North and East

Nearest Airport: ULN

Gachurt Village Street


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