Wilderness Basecamp

Ol Malo

Samburu, Kenya

Prices From: $425

An ancient land inhabited by wildlife and peoples of a time long ago, undisturbed and living by the rhythm of nature. And there, as part of this untamed and beautiful landscape is Ol Malo - Place of the Greater Kudu- nestled into a rugged escarpement looking out across the time - honoured lands of Kenya's Northern Frontier District.

To stay at Ol Malo is to live by a different rhythm - measure the day by the time-worn patterns of nature. Wake up to see the mind-blowing sunrise, framing the snow-capped peaks of Mt Kenya. Celebrate the new day with a dawn ride into the wilderness. Feel night's chill burn off with the rising of the great equatorial sun. Keep tempo with the world by the roll of the camels stride. Visit the colourful Samburu nomads of the North and sink with the dying sun into the waters of the pool. At night luxuriate in the peace and comfort of Ol Malo and tune into the magical sounds of wild Africa under an ancient starscape.

Colin and Rocky Francombe, both born in Kenya of settler families, designed and built Ol Malo with a deep understanding of how it should be. They are glad to share their knowledge and love of this magical land, account their tales and adventures with it's wildlife and Samburu people and welcome you to their extra-ordinary bush home; Ol Malo, in Kenya. To stay at Ol Malo is to abandon oneself and live by another drumbeat in a wild and beautiful land.


Region: Africa - Eastern and Southern



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