Cultural Basecamp

Gion Hatanaka Ryokan

Kyoto, Japan

Prices From: $330 per person

Walking up the stone stairway to the entrance of Gion Hatanaka, you immediately see that this ryokan celebrates the very expression of Japanese style. Attractively located in the heart of the Gion district in beautiful Kyoto, Gion Hatanaka is an inn nestled in a quiet, secluded corner which is adjacent to Yasaka Shrine and Kodaiji Temple. The tranquility of this estate will transcend you to a state of complete relaxation. Gion Hatanaka's personal service and care are qualities that make their hospitality so memorable.

There are 21 Japanese-style guest rooms at Gion Hatanaka, and each guest room has its own private bath and toilet. There are also shared baths for both women and men (same gender only) available at the ryokan. The architect's intentions were to have a fluid layout to the inn so there is a rhythm, revealing itself gradually. The rooms give way to their debts to ancient Japanese building principles in the internal and external structure. Gion-Hatanaka's most distinctive combinations of the building and natural surroundings are that of visual enlightenment.

In terms of its bath facilities, if one bath stands alone in Kyoto it would have to be that of Gion-Hatanaka. As space is of paramount commodity here in Kyoto it is rare to have a bath of this size. It is rated as the best bath in Kyoto because of its inherent beauty and the Kayo-Maki wood from which it is constructed. The stimulating waters will relax and massage your world and worries into the beautiful surroundings to achieve your own equilibrium. Experience superior comfort at Gion Hatanaka and discover the wonders of beautiful Kyoto dishes, aromatic Koya-maki-bath, and first-class services.


Region: Asia - North and East

Yasaka Jinja, Minamimon-mae, Higashiyama-ku

General Information

Check-in time is after 14:00 and check-out time is before 11:00 am. Limited paid parking is available.

Cancellation Policies

No show/Accomodation Day - 100%
1 day prior - 50%
2-5 days prior - 30%