Cultural Basecamp

Yagyu no Sho

Izu-shi, Japan

Prices From: $470 per person

Yagyu no Sho is the pure essence of Japanese elegance located in a bamboo grove. As soon as you enter the grounds of this magnificent oasis, you are transported back in time to the simplicity of nature. It is the perfect balance between style and history, simplicity and absolute indulgence. Your needs will be completely met, whether you are looking for a weekend get-away or a serene place to hold a meeting.

Celebrating its 40th anniversary, Yagyu no Sho underwent a total renovation in 2010. The garden, the entrance hall, the guest rooms and the open sky spa have all been renewed and renovated.

Each room has a different personality, differing in design, architecture, amenities and view of the garden.

The inn is characterized by the tranquility of the space. Gentle breezes carry the sounds of whistling bamboo, clicking round pebbles, flowing water, and rustling trees into all of the rooms and gardens. The space is a place of refreshment, relaxation, and renewal. In the hot springs, spas, and baths, guests are asked to revel in Yagyu no Sho’s comfort and luxury.


Region: Asia - North and East

1116-6 Shuzenji


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General Information

Check-In Time : 2:00 PM
Check-Out Time : 11:00 AM
No non-smoking rooms

Cancellation Policies

On the day of arrival - 100%
One day prior - 50%
2-3 days prior - 30%
4 or more days prior - Free of charge