Cultural Basecamp


Hakone-machi, Japan

Prices From: $334 per person

You will be transported to a different world once you arrive at Hakone-Ginyu. Tucked away in the lush mountains of Hakone lies the spa resort of Hakone Ginyu. 'Ginyu' means a person seeking inspiration for a poem by traveling around. Spectacular views of the Haya-Kawa River as well as the Hakone Mountains set the perfect backdrop for poetic inspiration.

Leave the comforts of your room and soak in the beautifully crafted stone bath for a relaxing therapy that will melt your aches and pains away. Enjoy the experience and you will want to come back for more. The entrance and lobby are located on the top of the building. The essence of Japanese style emanates through the corridors and continues throughout the entire resort. The infinite beauty of the natural surroundings will enable you to forget the stress of everyday life.


Region: Asia - North and East

100-1 Miyanoshita


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General Information

Check-in 2 PM
Check-out 11 AM

Baths are open 24 hours

Cancellation Policies

3 days before - 20% charge
1-2 days before - 50% charge
Same Day and No-Show - 100% charge