Coastal Basecamp

Papageno Resort

Kadavu Island, Fiji

Prices From: $255

Papageno Resort is a beautiful and relaxing resort located in the village of Kadavu. Activities include scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking and kayaking. Play all day or just revel in doing as little as possible. Papageno will work to accommodate your every need.

The village of Kadavu is a place left back in time to a peaceful people whose kind hearts share the paradise of their island. Their heartfelt hospitality emanates from the traditional dance, rituals and ceremonies which they perform for, and sometimes include, the islands visitors.

Papageno works to maintain the cultural solidarity of Kadavu by preserving local traditions, land and fishing territories as well as supporting the education of the local children.

It is our hope that guests at Papageno will share our respect for their culture and way of life.


Region: Pacific Islands

Kadavu Island


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