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The Taj Mahal at Sunset

If there is one thing about India that you should remember, it’s that there is no “one thing” about India. India is huge, and it is shifting, and it is old, and it is new, and it smells, and it sounds, and it excites, and it exhausts. India encompasses some of the nicest beaches in the world, as well as some of the tallest mountains. Some of the densest wilderness, and some of the most inspiring tributes to human civilization. While parts of the country are modernizing at a breakneck pace, evidence of its long and rich history can still be found down every alleyway and dotting its vast countryside.

For the sake of brevity, consider India to be simply the most foreign country on the planet; similar to none and unfamiliar to most. The very fiber its culture is made from is different than the West’s, and that fact is evident in every detail. Get comfortable with people in your personal space, accustom yourself to the smell of strong spices, open your mind to spiritually different perspectives. All things considered, one thing’s for sure: India is a place that cannot be described, only experienced. If you consider yourself a world traveler, India beckons.

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Dreams of the Taj
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India & Nepal Discovery
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Mountain Kingdoms and the Taj
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Mystical India Discovery - Agra, India
Mystical India Discovery
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Royal Rajasthan and the Taj - Delhi, India
Royal Rajasthan and the Taj
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Highlights and Landmarks of India

Agra Fort

Palaces and Forts

Europe keeps its history in its churches, cathedrals and museums. India does so in its temples, forts, and palaces. The Red Fort in Delhi and Agra Fort in Agra, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are seen by most any traveler at some point during their time in India, and the farther you travel away from the Golden Triangle, the more of these artistic marvels you will discover. And the more you will realize: these places are intrinsically connected to India’s identity. To know India, one must know its history, and the forts that dot its landscape are both the biggest and most intact keepers of that story.
The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal

Few landmarks in the world match the Taj Mahal for sheer hype. We’re here to tell you that even for the skeptics, this architectural tribute to romantic love has been walking the walk since 1653. From its gates, inscribed with passages of the Qur’an, to its marble dome, housing the heartbreak of a romantic emperor, the Taj whispers to us of emotion, memory and tradition. In modern day, the grounds surrounding the Taj are an orchestra of cameras, tourists, guides, locals, and the ubiquitous merchant. Day in and day out however, the sunrise reflects off its dome in the morning, the sunset does the same in the evening, and millions of people get to experience this tribute to an emperor’s love.

The Landscape

Deserts, mountains, beaches, plains, urban metropolises, and jungles. Yes, India is home to one sixth of the world’s population, but around the human masses, near the overwhelmingly strong spices, and around the sound of 1.2 billion people living their lives, travelers can forget to notice the unforgettable landscapes this country has to offer us. India’s diversity does not stop at its people, or its cultures. Travel through India takes one from the cityscape of Delhi to the towering Himalayan mountains, to the rolling tea-growing hills of Eastern India, to the tropical beaches of Goa, to the vast deserts of Western India.
Spice Market

Food & Culture

India is known as having the oldest surviving culture in the world, dating back to 8,000BC. Since then, influences from Persian, Mughal, European, and most recently Western sources have combined to create a modern India that is diverse to the point of absurdity. Likewise, Indian food, religion and language have been some of the country’s most internationally influential exports. Indian cuisine is a blending of spices and ingredients so powerful that it led European countries to sail around the world to experience them. The point we’re trying to make is this: travelers should go to India expecting to be influenced by it for the rest of their lives. The spices and spirituality will envelop you, and the country will see your comfort zone and change it.

Destination Information

  • In the capital city of India, Delhi, you will find history around every corner, including The Gurdwara Bangla Sahib Sikh Shrine and Temple, built in the 17th century and known for the temples’ curative water bath, said to possess healing powers. Travel to the heart of Old Delhi to see India’s largest mosque, the Jama Masjid. This magnificent architectural work of the Mughal Empire was constructed in red sandstone, boasting marble domes and arches, and beautifully inscribed verses from the Qu’ran, carved into the walls which you can still see today.
  • India is certainly a physically huge country, and weather patterns are difficult to summarize. But nonetheless, we can recommend you travel to India in the winter (November to February), as this is the “cool” season. The rest of the year varies between levels of hot and wet in most of the country except the northern Himalayan region.
  • Tours of the Himalaya region of Northern India can easily include an extended trip leg in Nepal. An excellent example of the kind of custom trip we can organize is our Mountain Kingdoms and the Taj tour.
  • The Bengal Tiger is, among other things, a wonderful natural attraction for eco travelers to India. This endangered species’ numbers are quickly dwindling, and frantic efforts by both NGO’s and the Indian government are underway to protect what is left of this beautiful animal.

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