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Everest Trek

A mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, Nepal offers some of the best trekking in the world and with the best months for trekking in Nepal quickly approaching (September - December) this is the time to book your trek. Trekking in Nepal can be done for just a few days or for a month or more, in the same style as exploratory or mountaineering expeditions. While trekking, local Sherpas serve as guides, interpreters, cooks and camp staff. Porters, horses or yaks carry all food, fuel, camping equipment and your personal belongings so that you only need to carry what you want during the day. At night you can stay in either tents or local lodges known as tea-houses.

Nepal is much more than just beautiful mountains! This fascinating country offers everything from elephant safaris in the National Parks to some of the finest whitewater rafting in the world. Private helicopter trips to uninhabited mountain valleys, cultural tours to the historic cities of Patan, Kathmandu and Bhaktapur and sightseeing excursions to Nagarkot, Dhulikhel or Sankhu are just a few of the many exciting adventures that Global Basecamps can arrange for you.

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Annapurna Trek - Kathmandu, Nepal
Annapurna Trek
Annapurna Trek is the most beautiful...
Custom Helambu Trek - Kathmandu, Nepal
Custom Helambu Trek
Helambu is popular among the trekkers for...
Everest Basecamp Trek - Kathmandu, Nepal
Everest Basecamp Trek
Prior to the start of your Everest trek you...
Everest View & Lukla Trek - Kathmandu, Nepal
Everest View & Lukla Trek
Everest. Named after Sir George Everest, the...

Highlights of Nepal

Annapurna Trek

Annapurna Trek

This is one of Nepal's most renowned treks. The 20-day route climbs along the Marsyangdi gorge through the remote valley of Manang to crest the arid, windswept northern flank of Annapurna at the Thorong La, a high but straightforward pass at 5300 meters. The route then joins the ancient trading link beside the Kali Gandaki river. The location of the Kali Gandaki gorge between Tibet and India made it one of the most important passageways through the Himalaya for thousands of years. From its origin, as a tiny spring in Mustang, the river flows south to India carving its way between the two towering massifs of Dhaulagiri (8172m) and Annapurna (8091m). These two giants are only 35km apart, turning the plunge to the Kali Gandaki at Tatopani from their summits into a staggering 6660m gorge - the deepest on earth. This magnificent circuit route draws to a close through the Gurung villages and rhododendron forests of midland Nepal. Graded 4 (strenuous). A 13-day trek terminating at Jomsom is also available.
Everest Trek

Everest Base Camp

Everest - named after Sir George Everest, the British Surveyor General of India at the time when the mountain was first identified as ‘Point XV’ on the border with Nepal and Tibet. To the Sherpas and Tibetans however she is ‘Chomolungma’ - Mother Goddess of the Earth, the Nepalese also have their own name, ‘Sagarmartha’. Call it Everest, Chomolungma or Sagarmatha there is no dispute that the mountain is the highest in the world. Every year climbers from nations all around the world embark on this 15 day trek to rendezvous at the Everest Base Camp just beneath the infamous Khumbu Ice Fall to plot a route up the mountain and dream to reach the ‘top of the world’. Our trek to the simple peak just beside Base Camp, the point known as ‘Kala Pattar’, follows in the footsteps of these mountaineers up the Khumbu valley, home to the most famous people in the Himalayas, the Sherpas.
Mustang Trek

Mustang Trek

A two-week trek into the fabled kingdom of Mustang that starts and ends at Jomsom. Formally annexed to Nepal in 1946, Mustang remains entirely Tibetan in character, from its 5000 inhabitants and the Buddhist region, to the crops grown and the dialect spoken. Mustang’s unofficial capital, the walled city of Lo Manthang, retains its own king in residence. It remains a kingdom within a kingdom. Fierce winds and a barren landscape await those who attempt to reach Mustang but the rewards are immense, with few tourists and the chance to observe a way of life virtually untouched for centuries.
Kathmandu Valley Vistas Trek

Kathmandu Valley Vistas Trek

If you are short on time this short two- or three-day lodge trek offers an opportunity to experience the countryside along the eastern valley rim through the famed vantage points of Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. Starting in the ancient Newar town of Panauti, the trek ascends gently to Dhulikhel, visiting the monastery at Namo Buddha en route. The next day begins with a climb onto a forested ridge with great views and continues to Nagarkot. On the third day the trek continues down to Sankhu, from where it's an hour scenic drive to Kathmandu.
Nepal Mountain Flights

Everest Mountain Flights

If time constraints stop you from going out to the Himalayas, the next best thing for you is the popular Mountain Flight. You needn’t take a step out of the valley, we’ll fly you there. And there means RIGHT OVER THE MOUNTAINS. The hour-long Mountain Flight takes you up close and over some Himalayan mountain peaks. Enjoy breathtaking views of rows and rows of mountains including the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest at 8848m. The flight takes you up to 25,000 feet above sea level into the stupendous Himalayan region. Operating out of Kathmandu, the plane flies close to Mount Dorje Lakpa, Gaurishankar, Nuptse, Pumori, Cho-Oyo, Langtang, Kanchenjunga and many others. Each passenger is ensured a window seat as this plane has nothing but window seats. As the plane approaches Everest, the pilot calls each one in turn to enjoy the great view from the cock-pit and allows you to photograph the mighty Everest. The panoramic view from the cockpit is incomparable as you gaze over hundreds of snow-capped peaks below, stretching to the distant horizon. It’s a moving spectacle and one of nature’s wonders. And all this from the comfort of a seat in an aeroplane.

Destination Information

  • Nepal's capital, Kathmandu is situated in a valley full of historic sites, ancient temples and shrines, golden pagodas and fascinating villages.
  • Mount Everest is named after Sir George Everest; the British Surveyor General of India lies on the border of Nepal and Tibet and is the highest mountain in the world.
  • Everest Base Camp excursions will take you through traditional villages, rhododendron forests, terraced fields, and summer pastures before moving into the stark landscape of glaciers and ice at its base.
  • Lhasa is the capital of Tibet and is home to over a thousand years of cultural and spiritual history. Generally the period from March to October is the best time to visit Tibet
  • Annapurna Trek is the most beautiful trekking region in Nepal and one of the best hikes in the world! It is a land of ethnic, cultural and geographical diversity.
  • Helambu is popular among the trekkers for its scenic grandeur and pleasant & favorable climate.
  • The small kingdom of Mustang, closed to westerners until 1992, is an enchanting land of windswept vistas, red walled monasteries and feudal towns.
  • Lo Manthang the capital of the former Kingdom of Lo (Present day Mustang) was constructed in the 15th Century on a plateau at 3800 meters above sea level.

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