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Japan offers a mesmerizing blend of modern and traditional sophistication like no other country. Global Basecamps specializes in crafting Japan trips for savvy travelers seeking the most unique Japan experiences. Whether it's a quiet journey to pristine mountain villages, or expert insight into the world-class fashion, cuisine, and culture of its cosmopolitan cities, our custom trips show you the Japan you have been looking for.

Visit scenic fishing villages barely seen by outsiders. Interact with artisans and learn about their lives and work. Revel in the timeless joy of secluded hot spring resorts. Experience the old Japan in the most elegant, traditional Japanese ryokans. Our Japan specialists curate once-in-a-lifetime Japan trips with your desires in mind, whether it's Kyoto's rich tradition, or Tokyo's modern splendor that you seek.

Global Basecamps is offering exclusive, private and luxurious trips to Japan. Call us now at (866) 577 2462 or submit the form to start planning your Japan Adventure!

Benefits of Responsible & Sustainable Tourism

We are not only dedicated to building you the trip of a lifetime, but we are also committed to supporting and protecting the destinations you visit.

Sample Itineraries

Browse our collection of sample trips which have been designed to inspire you. Keep in mind, we customize every trip to meet your specific travel needs and budget.

13 Day Japan Explorer - Tokyo, Japan
13 Day Japan Explorer
Tokyo, Takayama, Kyoto...
Authentic Japan: Old & New - Tokyo, Japan
Authentic Japan: Old & New
Delve into Japan's history in Matsumoto and...
Custom 11 Day Japan Explorer - Tokyo, Japan
Custom 11 Day Japan Explorer
Begin your journey in Kyoto, the ancient...
Essentials of Japan - Tokyo, Japan
Essentials of Japan
This itinerary exposes you to various...
Japan Essential: Kyoto, Mt. Fuji & Tokyo - Tokyo, Japan
Japan Essential: Kyoto, Mt. Fuji &...
The classic route for first-time visitors to...
Tropical Japan: The Okinawan Islands - Tokyo, Japan
Tropical Japan: The Okinawan Islands
Japan's Beaches & Unique Island Culture

Japanese Lodging, Private Tours, and Sample Itineraries

In-room hot spring bath, Fukuzumiro Ryokan, Hakone

Japanese Ryokans and Hotels

One of the best ways to experience everything Japanese culture has to offer is by staying in a traditional Japanese inn, or ryokan. During a stay in one of our exquisite ryokans, you will be pampered with incredible Japanese cuisine, beautiful traditional architecture and decor, and gracious service. Japan's modern hotels are also some of the world's best, combining high-end amenities with world-famous Japanese service. Japan's hotels feature futuristic design, luxurious amenities, and memorable service.
Maiko in Kyoto

Custom Private Guided Tours

Although there is nothing like exploring a new country on your own, the opportunity to spend time with our professional guides provides authentic cultural insight and will show you a Japan that would otherwise remain under the surface. We help you create an itinerary that combines your interests with our expertise. Explore Japan's bustling cities and its laid back fishing villages, cycle through Kyoto's old alleyways, or hike in the lush mountains of Japan's countryside - we work with expert guides in all aspects of Japanese culture.
Sumo match

Traditional Arts & Culture

Japan is renowned for its art, its craftspeople, and its colorful and elegant traditional culture. From its rural woodworkers and master sword and knife makers, to the astounding dramas of kabuki, bunraku and noh, a highlight of Japan is witnessing the sophistication of its culture. Ancient merchant shops, outdoor museums and old samurai and geisha districts offer views of a rarely-seen Japan. Private access to temples, shrines, and gardens allow you to experience a hidden side of Japan.
Takayama, Japan

Pristine Japanese Countryside

Many visitors to Japan choose to skip the big cities in favor of the beautiful Japanese countryside. Japan offers alpine mountains, remote villages set amidst stunning scenery, and secluded beaches. If your priority is to experience the essence and nature of the country, our ryokans and guides will ensure you experience local culture to the fullest. You will never forget Japan's crystal-clear rivers, ancient gardens, and enchanting landscapes.
Tokyo skyline

Japan's Dynamic Cities

Japan's cities offer futuristic technology, remarkable architecture, modern and traditional arts, a dizzying array of fashion and design, and much, much more. Enjoy the world's best sushi and Japanese cuisine, not to mention some of the world's best French and Italian restaurants; venture out for some of the most unique and fascinating shopping experiences you will ever have; and top it all off by staying in one of the world's most exciting hotels or a lovely traditional ryokan.

Highlights and General Information

  • One of the world's most exciting cities, Tokyo offers incredible shopping, colorful and unique fashion, fascinating museums, an exciting nightlife, beautiful parks and gardens, and much more.
  • Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan, contains an enthralling mix of ancient Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines, Japanese gardens, and World Heritage sites, blended with all the features of modern Japan.
  • On a clear day, Hakone offers clear views of Mt. Fuji, and no matter what you'll find soothing hot springs, beautiful, lush hillsides, and a charming tourist circuit including a toy train, a gondola ride, and a cruise on Lake Ashi.
  • The former capital Nara, just outside of Kyoto, is famous for its highly unique deer park, the great Buddha, and the Todaiji Temple, which can all be included in a one-day trip.
  • The climbing season for Mt. Fuji peaks in July and August, when there is no snow and public transportation is easy and frequent. Young and old can climb Mt. Fuji, and the best time to go is at night so that your arrival on top coincides with sunrise.
  • Takayama is a traditionally preserved town in a mountainous region of Japan, and holds one of Japan’s main attractions: the Takayama festival, which takes place in Spring and Autumn.
  • The tropical islands of Okinawa are Japan's Hawaii, famous for their laid back population, healthy lifestyle, delicious food, and pristine beaches.
  • The northernmost Japanese island of Hokkaido offers skiing and snowboarding in winter, unrivaled scenery in summer, and contains the amazing Shiretoko national park.
  • Perfect day trips from Tokyo, the former capitals Kamakura and Nikko offer wonderful mixes of history, culture, and natural beauty.

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