Coastal Basecamp

Playa Koralia

Santa Marta, Colombia

Prices From: $120 per night

Privacy is found as the ocean breaks on the beach and you are the only one to witness its fall. Playa Koralia gives you that experience and more, one hour away from Santa Marta, Colombia. Time stops as nature defines each space; sand, paradise, sea, fresh water, palms, light & shade. The elements come together where the rivers flowing from the snow-capped peaks of the Sierra Nevada flow into the blue Caribbean.

With its fusion of traditional palm and soft stone, and ethnic art from Latin America, the d├ęcor of Playa Koralia harmonizes with the natural surroundings. Walls arise and slip into the surrounding landscape, leading one outside and encouraging exploration of the immense surroundings.

Come stay with us. Come immerse yourself in nature.


Region: South America

Santa Marta


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