Urban Basecamp

Casa Pestagua

Cartagena, Colombia

Prices From: $328 per night

Casa Pestagua, known as “the most beautiful house in Cartagena”, belonged to the 18th Century Count of Pestagua, a rich and powerful aristocrat who gave his name to this mansion with its impressive colonial architecture.

Distinguished by its exquisite architectural and artistic harmony, today the Casa Pestagua offers luxury hotel services, with the comfort and technology expected by the most demanding hotel standards.

Casa Pestagua is a boutique hotel with its exclusive offer of 11 rooms housed in spacious grounds, worthy of a first rate luxury hotel.

Enjoy the privilege of being attended to in the Casa Pestagua and receiving a totally personalized service in an oasis of peace and tranquility, sheltered by its surrounding walls where you will feel like a lord in the Count’s mansion.


Region: South America



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