Cultural Basecamp

Ruijin Binguan

Shanghai, China

Prices From: $175 - $250

Located in the former French Concession of Shanghai, the Ruijin Hotel is a garden hotel offering a peaceful environment and picturesque surroundings. The four buildings which house the guestrooms and various banquet and meeting halls were all designed in traditional British style, and most of them were built in the 1920s or '30s. The hotel's park-like environment includes about 100 acres of lush lawns, ponds, and small wooden bridges in a Japanese-style garden. Also, gazebos, pavilions, and a spectacular marble fountain can be found here.

The hotel offers several choices of rooms, deluxe and executive rooms as well as suites, in varying styles, from antique to modern. With a style all its own, at the Ruijin Hotel you will find every conceivable comfort of a five star hotel. Each suite boasts over 150 square meters of elegantly furnished space, including a separate sitting area, plus a balcony overlooking the garden.

Staying at the hotel, you are within walking distance of the bustling shopping area of Huai Hai Road and historic landmarks, such as Dr. Sun Yat-Sen's residence. Several excellent restaurants offering various cuisines such as Chinese, Thai, Indian and Fusion dishes are all on the hotel grounds; the famous Face Bar is also located here.

Tai Yuan Villa is a branch of the Ruijin Hotel. It is also located in the former French Concession, only a short drive from the hotel. This beautiful residence includes nineteen guestrooms and seventeen serviced apartments in an enchanting and peaceful setting. The villa also has a gym, squash court, and an indoor swimming pool. These facilities are at your disposal during your stay with us

Ruijin Hotel was established in 1956. Before it was opened to the public, it was the government regional hotel. It accommodated Party Leaders Liu Shao Qi, Zhu De, Dong Bi Wu, Zhou En Lai, etc. Leaders of other countries also stayed here like, President Soekarno of Indonesia, the Premier of India, President Hu Zhi Ming of Vietnam, President Jin Ri Cheng of Republic of Korea, and other high-level government delegations. Starting from 1979 the guesthouse was open to the public and has welcome many famed scholars, experts and entrepreneurs as well as tourist.


Region: Asia - North and East

Nearest Airport: SHA



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