Brazil TravelBrazil Travel
Brazil TravelBrazil Travel
Brazil is arguably one of the world's most seductive destinations. With its pristine beaches, tropical cities and the lush jungles of the Amazon, Brazil literally has something for everyone. From the Pantanal to the Amazon, Brazil is home to an incredible variety of plant and animal life which can be explored by foot, boat or vehicle. The cities and towns of Brazil are diverse in nature and culture as well. A visitor can experience Brazil's traditional music and dance at one of the many Bahian festivals in the mystical and colorful city of Salvador, but a trip to Brazil is not complete without experiencing Rio de Janeiro, which boasts a dramatic landscape of luscious peaks and beautiful beaches. Rio de Janeiro is home to some of the richest and poorest people in South America and makes for a very drastic cultural dichotomy. Tropical beaches and islands dot the eastern coast of Brazil, offering the visitor the choice to relax in seclusion or party all night long at one of the more popular beach destinations. Either way, sipping on a caipirinha while listening to a fusion of samba beats and the soft lull of the ocean, you will not be disappointed.

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