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Best In Travel Blogs: Almost Fearless - Lifestyles of the brave and wireless

by kelley

Almost Fearless Christine GilbertIf you love to travel, which if you are reading this I assume you do, the standard 9 to 5 and two week vacation a year job can definitely cramp your style. The good news is: winning the lottery isn’t your only way out of the rat race. In our search for the best in travel blogs, we’ve found someone who will not only inspire you to follow your vagabond dreams, but who can help you plan your escape and become a successful digital nomad. Christine Gilbert, creator of ditched her Fortune 500 corporate job in 2008 and has been traveling and working as a freelance writer ever since. With the tagline "Work Wirelessly. Travel the World. Do Anything." it isn’t surpising that her site has become one of the most popular travel blogs on the web. She is currently living in Bogotá, Colombia and will be on her way to Thailand in September. What we admire most about her is her passion for empowering others to follow in her footsteps and make their long-term travel fantasies a reality.

Laws Gone Green-- too little or too crazy?

by josh

cc licensed flickr photo shared by net_efekt

Sometimes people waste and exploit the environment to the point where it's not just irresponsible— it's also a crime. So it really didn't take long before governments started to address these crimes against the environment through concrete legislation.

It seems like governments worldwide are catching on to the green movement in unique ways. We’ve found three laws that will most certainly help the environment, but are also bound to be controversial.

Sustainable Southeast Asian Luxury at Alila Hotels & Resorts

by jennifer

Alila Ubud Resort, BaliAt the end of your vacation in Southeast Asia, you gaze longingly at the the deep, cerulean horizon. The real world seems impossibly far away, and you'd give anything for one more day in this paradise...

Alila Hotels has paired your extra day with a program designed to benefit their community, so you get up to three more days in paradise and an easy way to contribute to the local economy, aiding the sustainability of the culture and environment.

Best in Travel Blogs: Traveling Savage – Experiential Travel, One Month at a Time

by kelley

The Traveling SavageIn our quest to unite you with the best in travel blogs, we’ve continued our search for bloggers who bring something unique to the online travel community and do the Global Basecamps’ travel philosophy proud! Keith Savage of caught our attention with his passion for experiential travel and pragmatic approach to achieving it: he will spend one month absorbing the culture of a country, return home for 3 months to write, reflect, and reconnect with his wife & 3 cats, and then start the whole process anew in a different locale. And in case you are wondering, Traveling Savage isn’t just a play on his name; it is an expression of his traveling mantra - To travel savagely is to embrace with open arms the entire voyage, to cast aside conceptions – even your old self, if necessary – so that you can find your savage and exuberant core.

Jet Lag: tips for prevention and treatment before, during, and after your flight.

by jennifer

Jet lag: many travellers are confronted with it, few have learned how to efficiently conquer it. Whether you're affected for hours or days, suffering from a lack of sleep and a drastic time change can make the transition into a new place difficult and your first few experiences less than enjoyable.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by The-Lane-Team

Here are some of the best ways we've found to get back on your feet as soon as possible.

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