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Pack for a Purpose: Making travel sustainable 5 lbs. at a time

by kelley

Pack for a Purpose logoIt all started with one couple and a trip to Africa . While traveling through Botswana, Rebecca and Scott Rothney found the children at Mbele School playing with a soccer ball fashioned out of bits of rag and plastic bags taped together. It was then that the couple realized that by packing less personal affects and taking advantage of the airline’s baggage weight allowance standards, they could transport sorely-needed items to the local people they encountered during their travels abroad.

Since that life-changing experience, Rebecca, Scott, and a handful of socially-aware adventurers have delivered an estimated 1,000 pounds in donations of soccer balls, school supplies, clothes and medical equipment to the various African communities they have visited. However, the Rotheneys knew that to successfully spread this idea of responsible travel, they would have to create a program that was manageable and rewarding for the average explorer.

Eat, Pray, Love for the Sustainable Traveler: India

by lauren

SwaSwara Last week, we satisfied your appetite with home made pasta and farm fresh veggies with Eat, Pray, Love for the Sustainable Traveler: Italy. This week, we'll be cooking up a different kind of recipe, revealing a menu that will feed your soul and nourish your spirit.

Holistic Bill of Health

Long before the time of modernized health care and the convenience of local pharmacies, the people of India relied on the ancient medical science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda has been practiced for over 5000 years, defining health as a dynamic balance of mind, body, and soul.

Best in Travel Blogs: - Travel smarter, blog professionally

by kelley

Anil of FoXnoMad.comIf you empathize at all with my new must-get-to-Turkey-now plan, you’ll have no problem understanding what drew me to Anil of (He’s traveled there extensively). Even if you aren’t, the fact that he is sponsoring a contest that could get you 6 nights stay and airfare to almost anywhere of your choosing, is enough reason to read on. Beyond that, Anil earns the proud distinction of “Best in Travel Blogs” because he’s serious about blogging and it shows. Not to mention, that fact that he is a formally educated anthropologist and self proclaimed former computer hacker (the good kind) gives a nifty twist to his travel insights.

Global Basecamps: When and how did you get hooked on travel?

FoXnoMad: I’ve been traveling my entire life and suppose my curiosity to do so is strongly influenced by my parents, both of whom are journalists.

Global Basecamps: You are running an amazing “Live the Backpacker Life” contest. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

FoXnoMad: I want to give the opportunity for one of my readers to take a backpacking trip to most anywhere they want in the world. It’s a bit of a role-reversal. [Before October 5th] create a 3-5 minute travel video guide about a specific aspect of a given city and be the one traveling.

Eat, Pray, Love for the Sustainable Traveler: Italy

by lauren

Why not make your own soul searching experience a sustainable one?

Eat, Pray, Love for the Sustainable TravelerDuring your journey to travel enlightenment, what better way to increase your good karma then by contributing to the local communities and preserving the environment. This goal can be accomplished through many unique, educational, and not to mention, tasty activities. Indulge in 5 course meals organically produced from local farms, escape inside a tree house surrounded by lush tropical jungle, or spend a day exploring the pristine natural habitats at a national park.

Over the next few weeks, we shall follow in Gilbert’s (and, insert infectious belly laugh here, Julie's) footsteps and emulate her journey, while adding our own sustainable twist. We will shed light on the expansive value sustainability has to offer the community, the environment, and also most importantly, you!

Best in Travel Blogs: - A delicious blend of travel insight and wit

by kelley

Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll of UncorneredMarket.comSome days, I think the world has too many travel blogs. Other days, I get so excited about a gem of a blog I find and can’t get enough of! Well, the couple that created, Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll, had me at “You might find us on a grimy, overnight chicken bus in rural India one day and sharing the story with an ambassador the next.” Now, that’s the kind of adventure I love to read about!

Blending wit, passion and loads of travel experience, the folks at Uncornered Market bring a vibrant voice to the travel blog arena. Audrey first got hooked on travel when her parents took her to live in India at 5 weeks old and Daniel caught the travel bug at a young age as well, pondering a ratty reinforced paper globe in an old World Book encyclopedia. (Ahh, pre-Internet memories, how lovely!) Read on for more travel insight and adventure in my interview with the creators of Uncornered Market.

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