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Top 5 Places to Spend New Year's Eve

by ali

Looking for a unique destination to celebrate New Year's Eve? Here are some of our favorite locations to ring in the New Year!

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Copacabana Palace

New Year's is one of the biggest celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, and one of the biggest beach parties in the world.  Most of the festivities take place in Copacabana and attract millions of people every year.  During the day many go to pay homage to the Afro-Brazilian goddess Iemanjá by placing offerings in the sea.  Music is played throughout the day, but the party kicks off around 7 p.m. when live acts and DJs begin on the official stages. There is live music and dancing on the beaches and a spectacular fireworks show to ring in the New Year.  One of the traditions is to wear white on New Year’s Eve, as it is considered a lucky color.  Expect to be sprayed with champagne around midnight!

Sydney, Australia

The Blacket Hotel Sydney, Australia

Hoping for a warm New Year’s Eve? Sydney is the place to be.  The entertainment begins early in the afternoon and ends with the grand finale at midnight, an extravagant fireworks show set off from the arch of the Sydney Harbor Bridge.  The pre-show entertainment includes aerial displays and an indigenous smoking ceremony that will cleanse the harbor of negative spirits, as images projected on the Sydney Harbor Bridge begin the New Year countdown.   There are 9 p.m. family fireworks followed by the Harbor of Light Parade, where boats decorated with lights cruise around the Sydney Harbor.  With a finale that includes around 80,000 fireworks, this New Year's celebration is sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.  Travel to Sydney this holiday season to be in the first major city to toast to the New Year!

Best of Basecamps: Goa, India

by ali

Are you looking for beautiful white sand beaches, sparkling water, and large palm trees that shade you from the sun? Then Goa, India is the place for you!  This small slice of paradise is found on the country’s western coastline and bordered by the Arabian Sea.

Goa’s Best Kept Secret: Elsewhere


Down the Chapora River, through fields of rice, chilies, and onions, down the plateau to the shoreline until a creek forces the road to turn inland is where you will find the breathtaking view of Elsewhere. This private piece of land, overlooking the ocean, is separated from the rest of the world by a salt-water creek.  Elsewhere has four charming beach houses and three exclusive tents.  Access to Elsewhere is by a private, bamboo footbridge across the creek. Escape the crowds by visiting the following truly isolated and serene lodges in Elsewhere.

The Beach Houses

Four charming houses are located on the beach of Elsewhere.  All of the houses sit directly facing the ocean.  The only footprints you’ll find on this beach other than your own are those of fisherman and turtles.   The houses have an open sitting area ideal for watching the waves crash on the shore or the stars light up the sky.  The houses are available for rent for a minimum period of one week.  Each bedroom has a large double bed.

Give the Gift of Travel

by ali

Instead of fighting your way through the malls and struggling to come up with great gift ideas, why not give your loved one the gift of travel? By giving the gift of travel you are offering someone an incredible experience that can broaden horizons, lead to self discovery, or simply offer a little relief from the day to day. We recently asked a few of our Facebook fans what has travel taught you? Here are a few of the responses they came up with.

MacKenzie: I have learned to try to stop judging people on their outward appearance and to try to drop expectations.

Deborah: Travel taught me to go with the flow and to realize that a smile means the same thing in any language!

An: Traveling has taught me that the unexpected moments are the most memorable.

This holiday season give someone the experience of a lifetime (and why not buy a gift for yourself and go with them?).

iJourneyGreen: Travel to Save the Planet

by ali

iJourneyGreenBeing green travelers, we are constantly looking for ways to lessen our environmental impact and help the local communities of regions we visit. To minimize the negative impact of tourism we build our custom itineraries with lodges, hotels, and local tour operators that share the same mission on sustainability. Global Basecamps is teaming up with iJourneyGreen to take sustainable travel one step further. iJourneyGreen is a non-profit organization that helps travelers give back to the local communities they visit around the globe.

Travel Global. Give Global.

It all started with a love of travel and the feeling of a lack of enough ways to give back when traveling. "I really wanted to find a way to help travelers feel like they were making a difference, doing something tangible," says Co-Founder and Executive Director Jessica Finley. Through donations that support local organizations striving to improve the conditions of communities across the world, iJourneyGreen has created a more encompassing definition for sustainable travel. Finley believes that "to be able to give back to more than just the environment, but local projects which benefit the country to which the traveler is going" is what makes this organization truly unique. So, the idea of a Travel Credit™ was formed as a holistic approach to sustainable travel.

Know Before You Go: Reach the Peak with Peace of Mind

by lauren

Hiker and porter Mt. KilimanjaroGiven the plethora of tours and exotic destinations, planning an adventure can be both exciting and overwhelming. With so many distractions, the well-being of the people who support these incredible destinations are often overlooked. The consumer’s lack of awareness is a major underlying issue in this struggle for human justice. This next blog series will shed light on the ongoing socio-cultural impacts of the tourism industry as well as solutions that can be taken to prevent being a part of the problem.

Reaching the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, and inhaling the magnificence of the African safari is undeniably an experience of a lifetime. As you revel in the raw natural landscape, take a moment to ponder the contributing factors that went into making this glorious life changing moment a reality.

Bearing the Burden

Porters are undoubtedly the backbone behind any mountain expedition. These hard working individuals undertake the daunting task of carrying the enormous load of gear for the entire trekking group. Imagine the difficulty of climbing this challenging peak with as much as 66 lbs on your back? Bearing the burden, is only a portion of the hardships that the porters must face. The harsh environmental conditions and lack of proper equipment present various health implications including: exposure, hypothermia, frost-bite, altitude sickness, and in the worst cases, death. Many tourists misconceive the severity of the situation, by making the assumption that porters are accustomed to such extreme conditions. This premise is far from the truth, according to the International Porter Protection Group porters suffer from more accidents, illness and deaths than Western trekkers. Inadequate clothing, footwear, shelter, nourishment, medical care, insurance, and wages also contribute to the problematic life of the porter.

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