Travel green using the first Apple-certified solar powered charger for the iPhone and iPod

by kelley

Traveling green just got easier. Novothink has created the first Apple-certified solar powered charger for iPhones and iPods. Although the product, called Solar Surge, isn't getting much attention as a travel accessory, we think it's a perfect fit. Just imagine the possibilities! You're climbing Kilimanjaro and only steps away from your victory moment (which obviously calls for your "Eye of the Tiger" summit theme song) you see that your iPod charge is dwindling...You've just settled in on the white sands of Zanzibar when Steve Jobs calls with the deal of a lifetime as you realize your phone is a half bar from mutiny...You've landed in the U.K. for a month long escapade and realize you've forgotten your charger (not to mention your adapter), but luckily your iPhone and Solar Surge have become one (because it doubles as a case) and you'll just need a few hours outside a day to keep the good times rolling.

The Solar Surge provides about 30 minutes of talk time per 2 hours of direct sun exposure and comes in a variety of colors. The smart folks at Novothink have even developed an app that helps you calculate how much solar exposure you'll require depending on your usage needs and the weather. At $69.95 for the iPod model and $79.95 for the iPhone model, it won't dip into your travel budget too much. If anything, people might complain that it is a little clunky for everyday use, but you can easily hook it on your backpack for outdoor adventures. All in all, we think it's a great device for eco-conscious Apple lovers who travel off the grid, but can't quite part with their electronic luxuries...we'll call it: straddling the grid.

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here: Let us know how you like it! Thanks, Global Basecamps

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This would be a life saver, like the poster above where can one find this?

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Do you know where I could find one?
Anh Bi

says... Looks Interesting


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