Tents to Haiti

by jennifer

cc licensed flickr photo shared by United Nations Development Programme

When the strongest earthquake in Haiti in over 200 years hit just west of Port-au-Prince, it left 3 million people in need of emergency aid. As native Haitians and visitors remain engulfed in the struggle to rebuild, the rainy season is descending upon Haiti and making it even more difficult for those that lost their homes and belongings in the destruction after the earthquake.

Tents and tarps have been proven to be some of the most valuable possessions in Haiti. With the housing shortage, tents provide a needed shelter from the rain, heat and mosquitoes. Tents to Haiti is a program that makes it easy for people who want to help. They enable financial donations and donations of actual tents and tarps, and make the process completely transparent so there’s a guarantee that every donation goes to those who really need it.

American, Haitian, and Dominican organizations have teamed together to make the donation process as easy, seamless, and fast as possible. The tents are received and distributed to Haitians no more than a week and a half after they’re mailed.

Join Global Basecamps and send a tent to Haiti.

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