Ready. Set. Go. Planning for your RTW Trip with AirTreks

by ali

If you’re looking to plan customized and efficient air tickets for your round the world travels then AirTreks is the best option. Specializing in muti-stop international plane tickets, AirTreks offers unique planning tools, affordable prices, and excellent service. Travelers can create customized itineraries with an unlimited number of stops through AirTreks' TripPlanner Tool. AirTreks' staff of international experts works to optimize each traveler’s airlines routes and fare by being able to offer air tickets at discounts compared to the fares published by airlines, travel agencies, and airfare sites.


A timeline is an efficient way to get your trip planning started. AirTreks' planning timeline walks you through step by step from 1 year out up until the day of your departure, allowing you to better organize and plan for your travels. A very useful tool for planning the destinations on your round the world trip is AirTreks' TripPlanner Tool. It helps you plan a route for your travels, allowing you to select all the cities you would like to visit and compiling an estimate, as well as including an alternative route called “More for Your Money.” Additionally, the TripPlanner tool allows you to not only plan for flights but ground travel as well, such as trains, buses, and cars. Even if you are not ready to purchase a ticket, this quick and easy tool gives you an estimate on what your airfare will cost and allows you to start budgeting for your trip. Once you are ready to purchase, you can click on “provide trip details” to move forward and be contacted by an AirTreks representative. Check out AirTreks’ blog for more information and news on round the world travel.

AirTreks' TripPlanner Tool

Global Basecamps and AirTreks

Global Basecamps and AirTreks work collectively to provide our clients with the best travel experience possible. Once your flight arrangements have been made with AirTreks, Global Basecamps can take care of the rest, whether you’re looking for Costa Rica eco tours or independent tours in Kenya, we’ve got you covered. AirTreks' clients also receive a travel gift voucher from Global Basecamps to go towards planning trip lodging. Through our partnership, and shared commitment to fully-custom personalized service, we offer traveler’s a convenient and efficient way to accomplish all trip planning needs.

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